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Contracts for Reality.eth, including source code, ABI and addresses of contracts on mainnet and test networks.

Using the contracts

Quick example:

const realityeth_contracts = require('@reality.eth/contracts')
const chain_id = 4; // eg rinkeby
const provider = ...;

const config = realityeth_contracts.realityETHConfig(chain_id, 'ETH', '3.0')
const contract = realityeth_contracts.realityETHInstance(config);
const ethers_instance = new ethers.Contract(contract.address, contract.abi, provider);

This module also contains support for checking which tokens are available on the given chain, checking which features it has etc.

See example.js for more examples.

File layout

tokens/ contains a file describing each supported token.

chains/ contains the full raw data from https://chainid.network/chains.json, and a file listing chains we specifically support, and adding useful configuration information not supplied by chainid.network.

chains/deployments/ contains a directory hierarchy with a file for the deployed version of each live contract on the specified network for the specified token. Each file also lists any whitelisted arbitrators. It may also contain additional post-deployment files for arbitrators we deployed.

The above are combined into JSON files under generated/ using npm run-script generate.

development/contracts/ contains source files and build files for contracts from the original build, as laid out by truffle. These files are no longer supported as a way of managing contract addresses.

config/templates.json contains information about templates deployed by the constructor to save fetching them from the event logs.


Compiled bytecode and ABIs are stored under bytecode/ and abi/ respectively. If you need to recompile, do:

$ cd development/contracts/

$ ./compile.py RealityETH-3.0


Contract tests use python3.

$ cd tests/python

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

You can then test the version in question with, eg

$ REALITYETH=RealityETH-3.0 python test.py

These tests test the bytecode not the source code, so you need to recompile before testing source code changes.


You will need the private key of an account with funds to deploy on the relevant network. It should be in hex, beginning "0x", in a file called mainnet.sec or rinkeby.sec or the equivalent for the network you will deploy to. A different key should be used for each network to avoid clashing contract addresses.

$ mkdir packages/contracts/secrets

The .gitignore file should prevent it from being checked into Git, but be careful not to share it.

If we have not previously deployed on the chain, add its details to supported.json then run npm run-script generate.

If it's the first time for the token you intend to use to be deployed on the chain you intend to use, add a JSON file describing your token under tokens/ then run npm run-script generate.

To deploy contracts using the code compiled under contracts/bytecode, use

$ cd packages/contracts/scripts

$ node deploy.js <RealityETH|Arbitrator|ERC20> <network> <token_name> [<dispute_fee>] [<arbitrator_owner>]

This will add contract addresses to the existing deployed contract .json definitions, and deploy per-token versions in the format expected by the @reality.eth/dapp ui.

If you prefer to keep your secret keys somewhere else you can pass it as an environment variable, eg $ SECRETS=/home/ed/secrets node deploy.js <RealityETH|Arbitrator|ERC20> <network> <token_name> [<dispute_fee>] [<arbitrator_owner>]

Supported networks are hard-coded in the deploy.js file. You may also wish to edit it to alter gas limits, etc.

Once the deployment is complete, run npm run-script generate. You should never edit the generated/ files directly.

Adding your contracts to the dapp

For a new deployment to show up in the dapp it is necessary to rebuild the dapp with the updated packages/contracts. For Graph support to work in the dapp, the Subgraph will also need to be republished, using the code under packages/graph. If the chain has not been used before, it also needs to be added to packages/dapp/src/index.html.

If you have added Reality.eth for a new token, or a new arbitrator, or both, please submit the changes to this repo as a PR so that we can update the dapp at reality.eth and the Subgraphs we maintain.

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