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A Unified-based Markdown parser for ReadMe. CI Status

npm install --save @readme/markdown


By default, the updated markdown package exports a function which takes a string of ReadMe-flavored markdown and returns a tree of React components:

import React from 'react';
import rdmd from "@readme/markdown";
export default ({ body }) => (
  <div className="markdown-body">

Export Methods

In addition to the default processor, the package exports some other methods for transforming ReadMe-flavored markdown:

Export Description Arguments
react (default) returns a VDOM tree object text, options
md transform mdast in to ReadMe-flavored markdown tree, options
html transform markdown in to HTML text, options
mdast transform markdown to an mdast object text, options
hast transform markdown to HAST object text, options
plain transform markdown to plain text text, options
utils contexts, defaults, helpers, etc. N/A

Settings & Options

Each processor method takes an options object, which you can use to customize various outputs. Among them

Flavored Syntax

Our old editor compiled custom "Magic Block" components from a JSON-based syntax. To provide seamless backwards-compatibility, the updated Markdown processor ships with built in support for parsing this old format and transpiling it in to standard, GitHub-flavored markdown. We've also sprinkled a bit of our own syntactic sugar on top, which let's you supercharge your docs. Read more about ReadMe's flavored syntax!





npm i @readme/[email protected]





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