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Tests Helpers

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Various helpers and data samples used for React Native Firebase testing.


Commercial use, Distribution, Modification, Patent use and Private use is NOT permitted except for usage by Invertase and it's React Native Firebase product only.

Specifically; you are NOT permitted to use this code in any form except in circumstances where it's usage is only for the benefit of, and contributing to, the React Native Firebase product by Invertase, or; you have been permitted to do so in writing by Invertase.

Developer Notes

  • when you run yarn in the main directory, it will install all the packages you need for development, but it will also run the lifecycle script postinstall which will fail since it expects to be run only in @react-native-firebase/tests. That's okay.
  • you will need to run yarn build every time you change source in the main package before testing it
  • You may prove to yourself that the package is working by looking at android/app/google-services.json and ios/GoogleServices-Info.plist in tests/yarn3 after running yarn there
  • when you run yarn in tests/yarn3 to validate changes, it may fail on a malloc error because it's trying to pack up the whole node_modules folder from the main package in ../../. Delete the node_modules up there and re-run the test, it should work. A quick investigation of the link: and portal: options instead of file: had unsatisfactory results as it did not run the postinstall script every time.
  • I believe the context.TestingApi method is unused (it is not used in @react-native-firebase/tests) but it is unknown if there are other packages using this one, so it remains




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