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    React App Cli (@react-app-cli/core)


    To increase your productivity in React projects and stop copying-pasting files or folders each time you want to create a new component.

    You can run it using npx:

      npx @react-app-cli/core create component --name Button --type common

    or add into your project:

      yarn add --dev @react-app-cli/core
      yarn react-app-cli create component --name Button --type common

    (npx is a package runner tool that comes with npm 5.2+)

    Config File

    When you run react-app-cli within your project and wanna use custom settings create a ".react-cli.json" config file.

    Example of the .react-cli.json config file:

      "baseUrl": "./src",
      "ignoreTypes": false,
      "layers": {
        "dataAccess": "data-access",
        "domain": "domain",
        "dto": "dto",
        "entity": "domain/<name>/entity",
        "presenter": "presentation/presenter",
        "repository": "domain/<name>/repository",
        "service": "domain/<name>/service",
        "ui": "presentation/ui"
      "naming": {
        "component": ".component",
        "styles": ".styles",
        "typings": ".typings"
      "styles": "styled",
      "typescript": true
    • baseUrl - application entry point;
    • naming - files pre-extension;
    • layer - application layers;
    • ignoreTypes - unchangeable;
    • styles - styles types generating:
      • Variants: css | less | scss | styled;
    • typescript - using ts in project.

    React App Commands

    Option legends:

    • <option name> - required;
    • [option name] - optional.

    Create Component Command

    To create a component at the ui layer of your application, you should use:

    react-app-cli create component --name <name> --type [type] [--ignoreTypes]

    cmpt is the shorthand for the component


    • --name, -n - component name (will converted to kebab-case for file naming);
    • --type, -t - component types:
      • Variants - common, modules, pages. Also you can use custom type as path to component like route/user/components will be created in <ui layer>/route/user/components;
      • Default - <ui layer>/components;
    • --ignoreTypes, -it - ignore typings files.


    React App Cli is Open Source software licensed as MIT.


    npm i @react-app-cli/core

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