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    This npm package is a command line script, which scans your JavaScript, Vue or Typescript source code and generates markdown files for vuepress with the help of jsdoc-to-markdown and vue-docgen-cli.

    CLI ./example

    How to

    yarn global add vuepress-jsdoc
    npm i vuepress-jsdoc -g


    # search code in src and move it to code (./documentation/code) in your vuepress folder (./documentation)
    vuepress-jsdoc --source ./src --dist ./documentation --folder code --title API --exclude=**/*/*.test.js


    If no command passed it will run generate as default

    Name Alias Description
    generate gen, g search code in src and move it to code (./documentation/code) in your vuepress folder (./documentation)


    Name Alias Default Description
    --source -s ./src Source folder with .js or .ts files
    --dist -d ./documentation Destination folder
    --folder -f ./code Folder inside destination folder. Gets overwritten everytime
    --title -t API Title of your documentation
    --help -h Show help
    --version -v Show current version
    --readme -r Path to custom readme file
    --exclude -e Pattern to exclude files/folders (Comma seperated) - *.test.js,exclude.js more information
    --rmPattern -rm Pattern when removing files. You can ex- and include files. (glob pattern)
    --partials -p jsdoc2markdown partial templates (overwrites default ones)
    --jsDocConfigPath -c Path to JsDoc Config (experimental)


    Inside your generated folder, you can find a config.js. This file includes a complete filetree and an vuepress sidebar tree.

    How to configure vuepress

    Vuepress is a static site generator by Evan You. You can add all generated documentation files to your existing vuepress project or create a new one.

    # First install vuepress
    yarn global add vuepress
    # Run the CLI
    # Run vuepress dev server
    vuepress dev ./documentation
    # Run vuepress build, if you want to ship it
    vuepress build ./documentation

    Access it via: http://localhost:8080/code/

    Now you need the sidebar. Create a .vuepress folder inside the documentation folder and add the following config.js.


    // auto generated sidebar
    const { sidebarTree } = require('../code/config');
    module.exports = {
      dest: 'dist',
      locales: {
        '/': {
          title: 'vuepress-jsdoc',
          description: 'Generate jsdoc markdown files for vuepress'
      themeConfig: {
        editLinks: true,
        sidebarDepth: 4,
        docsDir: 'code',
        locales: {
          '/': {
            nav: [
                text: 'Home',
                link: '/'
            // Add the generated sidebar
            sidebar: Object.assign({}, sidebarTree('Mainpage title'))

    Custom readme

    You can easily add a custom path to your readme by using the --readme ./path/to/file.md parameter. If you move a README.md inside your source folder, it should resolve it automatically. You can set the title by passing it to the sidebarTree('Mainpage title') function inside your ./.vuepress/config.js.

    Once the README.md has been added, it is no longer overwritten! If you want it to be overwritten, set --rmPattern=./documentation/code/README.md.

    @vuepress comment block

    You can add custom meta data to your pages by using the @vuepress block:

     * @vuepress
     * ---
     * title: Your custom title
     * headline: You custom headline
     * ---

    Use headline to add a custom h1 title.

    More information


    To use typescript, you have to install these dev-dependencies:

    yarn add -D typescript jsdoc-babel @babel/cli @babel/core @babel/preset-env @babel/preset-typescript jsdoc-to-markdown

    Next, you have to add a jsdoc.json to your project with some settings and add it with the -c parameter. You can find a full working example with all settings inside the ./example folder. The example shows also how to use babel-plugins.


    The ./example folder includes a full working vuepress-jsdoc example.

    # Install dependencies
    npm install
    # Run the CLI
    # Generate docs
    npm run docs
    # Run dev server
    npm run dev
    # Generate dist folder
    npm run build


    PRs are always welcome (:


    npm i @rck-dev/vuepress-jsdoc

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