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Rayova A Fintech Corporation

CDK Serverless Next.js

This project provides an AWS CDK construct to Deploy Serverless Next.js to Lambda@Edge. We designed the construct following these principles:

  • Sensible defaults
  • Feature parity with Next.js
  • Fast deployments
  • Build the AWS Lambda deployment package for you
  • Provide BehaviorOptions for you to add to your CloudFront Distribution

Supported Next.js features

This construct library aims for feature parity with Next.js. Through @sls-next/lambda-at-edge, this CDK construct supports:

  • Next.js 10/11
  • Static pages
  • Server-side props
  • Static props and static prop fallback
  • Incremental static regeneration
  • Image optimization
  • API routes

Example Usage

// Create a ServerlessNextjs construct in your stack to get started.
// Your stack MUST be in us-east-1 as that's the only region in which AWS
// supports deploying edge lambdas.
const serverlessNextjs = new ServerlessNextjs(scope, 'NextJs', {
  // Then produce and add a Next.js artifact to ServerlessNextjs by
  // building it from your project directory.
  nextjsArtifact: NextjsArtifact.fromBuild({
    // Provide your Next.js project directory.
    nextjsDirectory: pathToYourProjectDirectory,

    // Provide the commands you need NextjsArtifact to run to build the
    // `.next` directory.
    buildCommand: ['yarn', 'next', 'build'],

// Create CloudFront distribution
const dist = new cloudfront.Distribution(scope, 'Distribution', {
  // And configure it with serverless Next.js as Lambda @ Edge

  // Add anything else you need on your CloudFront distribution here, like
  // certificates, cnames, price classes, logging, etc.


npm i @rayova/cdk-serverless-nextjs

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