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A human understandable list of in or outgoing transactions

What do we mean by human understandable?

Example. Alice transfer one LEMONADE token to Bob. Now Alice expects her history to show that she sent one LEMONADE token to Bob.

Technically, a transaction has been broadcasted on the network. That transaction typically contains

  • One or more unspent transaction outputs (UTXOs) to cover the miner fee, Alice needs to pay some RVN to send an asset.
  • One or more UTXOs for the LEMONADE transfer, like input 20 LEMONADE, output one to BOB and 19 back to a change address.


npm install @ravenrebels/ravencoin-history-list

How to use

As a developer, you have to ask a Ravencoin node for the address deltas (getaddressdelta). The address deltas represents everything that has come in and out from your addresses.

import {getHistory } from "@ravenrebels/ravencoin-history-list";

OK so you invoke the method getHistory with deltas as argument. const history = getHistory(deltas); history is a list. Each item in the list represents a transaction in or out of the wallet (list of addresses). An item in the history list has an assets property. assetsis a list with objects of type {assetName, value, satoshis} For example

"assets": [
      { "assetName": "LEMONADE", "satoshis": 1000000000, "value": 10 }

Example user received 5 RVN

    "isSent": false,
    "fee": 0,
    "assets": [{ "assetName": "RVN", "satoshis": 500000000, "value": 5 }],
    "blockHeight": 914584,
    "transactionId": "4729236e883325878665a3d5bb989de3a65341f3c6d7a43b4ce58522773f2548"

Example user sent 1 LEMONADE token

  "assets": [
    { "assetName": "LEMONADE", "satoshis": -100000000, "value": -1 }
  "blockHeight": 914603,
  "transactionId": "1c776b263ad75d46f25d19b5330882fad020a46e220799877b982ff2c259a3be",
  "isSent": true,
  "fee": 0

Unfortunately, it looks like the user intentionally sent 0.01 RVN, that is not true, that was the transaction fee. This will be fixed in a later version

Example how to use

Checkout example.js

const { getHistory } = require("../ravencoin-history-list"); //Replace with  @ravenrebels/ravencoin-history-list
const aliceDeltas = require("./example/alice_deltas_after_sending.json");

const history = getHistory(aliceDeltas);
const stuff = [];
for (let item of history) {
  item.assets.map((asset) => {
    asset.transactionId = item.transactionId.substring(0, 10) + "..";




npm i @ravenrebels/ravencoin-history-list

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