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React Simple Dropdown

Non-prescriptive React.js dropdown toolkit.

See it in action (Demo)


This module is designed for use with Browserify (but should work with anything CommonJS compatible). You can easily install it with npm:

npm install react-simple-dropdown

How to use

This module provides three React components that you can use as a basis for any kind of dropdown menu:

  • DropdownTrigger: The element that will cause your dropdown to appear when clicked.
  • DropdownContent: Contains the "filling" of your dropdown. Generally, this is a list of links.
  • Dropdown: The base element for your dropdown. This contains both the DropdownTrigger and the DropdownContent, and handles communication between them.

There is also a barebones stylesheet which must be included in order for the component to actually work.

Keep in mind that DropdownTrigger and DropdownContent must be direct children of Dropdown. Here's a quick example:

var React = require('react');
var Dropdown = require('react-simple-dropdown');
var DropdownTrigger = Dropdown.DropdownTrigger;
var DropdownContent = Dropdown.DropdownContent;

var Menu = React.createClass({
    render: function () {
        return (
                    <img src="avatar.jpg" /> Username
                            <a href="/profile">Profile</a>
                            <a href="/favorites">Favorites</a>
                            <a href="/logout">Log Out</a>


Options can be passed to Dropdown as props. A list of available options can be found below. These must be passed to the containing Dropdown component.

Property Type Description
active boolean Manually show/hide the DropdownContent. Make sure to unset this or the dropdown will stay open.
disabled boolean Disable toggling of the dropdown by clicking on DropdownTrigger. Toggling with active, show(), and hide() is still possible.
removeElement boolean Remove the DropdownContent element when inactive (rather than just hide it).
onShow function Callback for when DropdownContent is shown.
onHide function Callback for when DropdownContent is hidden.


Each instance of Dropdown has some methods developers might find useful.

Method Description
show Shows the dropdown.
hide Hides the dropdown.
isActive Returns a boolean indicating whether or not the dropdown is active.

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