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    A Vue.js Neumorphism Design System for Web

    Responsive, user-friendly and lightweight library helping us build great products for our customers. This library for Vue 2.x, Qui for Vue 3 in our roadmap

    Storybook (live demo)

    What is it?

    • 🔩 30+ Vue components
    • 📦 icons pack
    • 🏳️‍🌈 colors & grid
    • 🥷 neumorphism styles
    • 📚 storybook sandbox

    Some examples below:

    buttons inputs icons tables datepicker other


    npm install @qvant/qui -S
    yarn add @qvant/qui

    You can import Qui entirely, or just import what you need. Let's start with fully import.

    Quick setup

    In main.js:

    import Vue from 'vue';
    import Qui from '@qvant/qui';
    import '@qvant/qui/dist/qui.css';
    // Setup all components
    // that's it! All components will be imported with styles

    in YourComponent.vue: (Example)

      <q-input v-model="value" />
    export default {
      data() {
        return {
          value: ''
      mounted() {
        // the modals have shortcuts in your components:
        this.$notify({ ... }) // calls QNotification
        this.$message({ ... }) // calls QMessageBox
        this.$dialog({ ... }) // calls QDialog

    ...or configure quick setup

    In main.js:

    import Vue from 'vue';
    import Qui from '@qvant/qui';
    import '@qvant/qui/dist/qui.css';
    Vue.use(Qui, {
      localization: {
        locale: 'en', // Russian language by default, you can set `en` for English
        customI18nMessages: {
          // rewrite default texts, see the source: src/qComponents/constants/locales
          en: {
            QDatepicker: {
              placeholder: 'Pick your birthday!'
        zIndexCounter: 3000, // zIndexCounter is being used by some components, (e.g QPopover, QSelect, QDialog ...etc), 2000 by default
        prefix: 'yo' // you can change component's prefix, e.g. must be used <yo-input /> instead of <q-input />

    in YourComponent.vue: (Example)

      <!-- placeholder is changed on 'Pick your birthday!' -->
      <yo-datepicker v-model="value" type="date" />
    export default {
      data() {
        return {
          value: null

    Now you have implemented Vue and Qui to your project, and it's time to write your code. Please refer to each component's Stories to learn how to use them.

    Not quick setup

    If you have a module bundler (e.g webpack), you can import components separately and take care about your bundle size

    In main.js:

    // import the main plugin from another place (it ensures Qui will be installed without any components, but instance will set required properties and directives)
    import Qui from '@qvant/qui/src/onDemand';
    // import the component you want
    import QButton from '@qvant/qui/src/qComponents/QButton';
    // ...or in async way
    Vue.component('q-button', () =>
      import(/* webpackChunkName: "qui" */ '@qvant/qui/src/qComponents/QButton')
    // init

    In main.scss:

    // need to set the path for files with statics
    $--base-path: '~@qvant/qui/src';
    // set main styles
    @import '~@qvant/qui/src/main.scss';
    // notice that you must use `fonts` and `icons` styles for some of components:
    @import '~@qvant/qui/src/fonts/index.scss';
    @import '~@qvant/qui/src/icons/index.scss';

    import all styles:

    @import '~@qvant/qui/src/components.scss';

    ...or components separately:

    @import '~@qvant/qui/src/qComponents/QBreadcrumbs/src/q-breadcrumbs.scss';
    @import '~@qvant/qui/src/qComponents/QButton/src/q-button.scss';
    // ...etc


    • if you want use modals inside your components as property of 'this':
    import { QMessageBox, QDialog, QNotification } from '@qvant/qui';
    // or import separately
    import QMessageBox from '@qvant/qui/src/qComponents/QMessageBox';
    import QDialog from '@qvant/qui/src/qComponents/QDialog';
    import QNotification from '@qvant/qui/src/qComponents/QNotification';
    Vue.prototype.$message = QMessageBox;
    Vue.prototype.$dialog = QDialog;
    Vue.prototype.$notify = options =>
        duration: 3000, // - ms
    • if you use VueI18n, you need to merge messages:
    import VueI18n from 'vue-i18n';
    import { en, ru } from '@qvant/qui/src/qComponents/constants/locales';
    const messages = {
      en: {
        message: {
          hello: 'hello world'
      ru: {
        message: {
          hello: 'привет, мир'
    const i18n = new VueI18n({
      locale: 'en',
    new Vue({

    Supported languages

    • Russian
    • English
    • Also you can use any language by setting texts for components via 'customI18nMessages' property in the Qui instance. See the example above.

    Browser Support

    Modern browsers are recomended

    • safari: >11
    • chrome: >=61
    • firefox: >=58
    • opera: >=62
    • edge: >=16
    • yandex: >=18
    • ie: ? (we don't know :) and will not support it)


    Clone repository and run storybook

    yarn storybook
    npm run storybook




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