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    This lib has ben modified to remove issuer validations on tokens. It will be used while we are migration between different SSO. Automatic release for this lib has not been implemented.

    To release use:

    npm set // ${GITHUB_TOKEN}
    npm publish

    Keycloak Node.js Adapter

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    Keycloak is an Open Source Identity and Access Management solution for modern Applications and Services.

    This repository contains the source code for the Keycloak Node.js adapter. This module makes it simple to implement a Node.js Connect-friendly application that uses Keycloak for its authentication and authorization needs.

    Help and Documentation

    Reporting Security Vulnerabilities

    If you've found a security vulnerability, please look at the instructions on how to properly report it

    Reporting an issue

    If you believe you have discovered a defect in the Node.js adapter please open an issue in our Issue Tracker. Please remember to provide a good summary, description as well as steps to reproduce the issue.

    Getting started

    To run Node.js adapter examples please try one of our quickstarts.

    For more details refer to the Keycloak Documentation.

    Writing Tests

    To write tests refer to the writing tests guide.


    Before contributing to Node.js adapter please read our contributing guidelines.

    Other Keycloak Projects



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