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    Testing Harnesses Manager

    $ quasar ext add @quasar/testing

    This AE is meant to centralize the management of all testing harnesses.

    When added (or re-added) it will let you choose which testing harnesses you want and install them. It will provide a new quasar test command which you can use to run your tests.

    quasar test

    You can use quasar test command like

    # Execute Jest tests 
    $ quasar test --unit jest
    # Execute Cypress tests 
    $ quasar test --e2e cypress
    # Execute Jest, Cypress and Security tests 
    $ quasar test --unit jest --e2e cypress --security

    Commands to be run are stored into the testing configuration file, quasar.testing.json, and will be executed verbatim. The file is created/updated when a new harness is added. Commands provided there by default are ready to be used into a CI environment. You can change the runnerCommand property as you please.

    Testing configuration for a project with only Jest harness installed will be:

    // quasar.testing.json
      "unit-jest": {
        "runnerCommand": "jest --ci"

    You can spawn out an HMR dev environment by using --dev flag, but it's better to rely on every harness script in many cases. Options you provide to --dev will be added to the dev server options. This approach can be useful if you need to test a particular Quasar mode:

    # Run jest && dev server in pwa mode 
    $ quasar test --unit jest --dev="-m pwa"

    If you don't want to install the Testing Harnesses Manager or have any problems with it whatsoever, you can install each test harness App Extension individually as they are completely standalone.




    npm i @quasar/quasar-app-extension-testing

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