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I ❤️ stitches && ❤️ tailwind

What if stitches + tailwind = 👶?

  • Create fully-typed React styled components using atomic css classes.
  • Organize your atomic css with variants props
  • Declare default props for your base component
  • Polymorphic and composable. Reuse quark styles from one component to another.

Use with your favorite atomic css library:

For framerwork-agnostic styling, use @quarkcss/core


npm install @quarkcss/core

pnpm install @quarkcss/core

yarn add @quarkcss/core
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Fully typed framework-agnostic generator for atomic css classes.

Inspired by @stitches/core variants api to generate atomic css classes

Use with your favorite atomic css library:

For React styling, use @quarkcss/react


import { css } from '@quarkcss/core'

const button = css({
  base: 'bg-red-500',
  variants: {
    size: {
      small: 'w-4 h-4',
      medium: ['w-8', 'h-8'], //use arrays to organize multiple classes
      large: 'w-12 h-12'
    color: {
      red: 'bg-red-500',
      blue: 'bg-blue-500'
    //boolean variants (when `true` or `null` keys are declared, variant prop will have `true | falsey` type)
    rounded: { 
      true: 'rounded-full', //`rounded === true`
      null: 'rounded-none'  //`rounded === falsey` (undefined | false | null | 0) or undeclared
      //❌ false: 'rounded-none' (Since `null` encompasses `falsey` and undeclared values)

      //Define additional keys in addition to boolean keys
      small: 'rounded-sm',
      medium: 'rounded-md',
  //compound variants
  compound: [
      size: 'small',
      color: 'red',
      value: 'border-2 border-red-500'
      size: 'medium',
      color: 'blue',
      value: 'border-2 border-blue-500'
  //default variants
  defaults: {
    size: 'small',
    color: 'red'


const classnames = button({
  size: 'medium',
  color: 'blue',
  rounded: true
//classnames: 'bg-blue-500 w-8 h-8 rounded-full border-2 border-blue-500'

const App = () => {
  return (
    <button className={button({size: 'medium', color: 'blue', rounded: true})}>
      Click Me


//Extract QuarkVariants from css generator
const button = css({ /* ... */ }})

type Variants = GetQuarkVariants<typeof button>

//Or interface version
interface Variants extends GetQuarkVariants<typeof button> {}


  • Specificity
    • css classes are not applied based on ordering specificity (unlike css-in-js / stitches)
      • design your variants such that atomic classes do not conflict
      • if all else fails, overide with !important (i.e. "!bg-red-500")
  • Set Tailwind VSCode plugin to recognize atomic class names outside of <... className="">
    • in VSCode settings.json:
    "tailwindCSS.experimental.classRegex": ["\"([^\"]*)\"", "'([^']*)'"],
    //TODO: Need to find more surgical regex to match atomic class names in QuarkConfig

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