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    QuantCDN cli

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    Simplify deployments and interactions with the QuantCDN API by using the support cli tool.


    The preferred method for installation is via npm.

    npm i -g @quantcdn/quant-cli

    or locally to a project

    npm i -D @quantcdn/quant-cli


    $ quant <command>
      quant crawl [domain]                               Crawl and push an entire domain
      quant delete <path>                                Delete a deployed path from Quant
      quant deploy [dir]                                 Deploy the output of a static generator
      quant file <file> <location>                       Deploy a single asset
      quant info                                         Give info based on current configuration
      quant init                                         Initialise a project in the current directory
      quant page <file> <location>                       Make a local page asset available via Quant
      quant proxy <path> <origin> [status]               Create a proxy to allow traffic directly to origin
      [basicAuthUser] [basicAuthPass]
      quant purge <path>                                 Purge the cache for a given url
      quant redirect <from> <to> [status] [author]       Create a redirect
      quant search <index|unindex|clear>                 Perform search index operations
      quant unpublish <path>                             Unpublish an asset
      --version       Show version number                                                      [boolean]
      --help          Show help                                                                [boolean]
      --clientid, -c  Project customer id for QuantCDN                                          [string]
      --project, -p   Project name for QuantCDN                                                 [string]
      --token, -t     Project token for QuantCDN                                                [string]
      --endpoint, -e  API endpoint for QuantCDN            [string] [default: "https://api.quantcdn.io"]

    Get started

    Please refer to the "get started" guide for more details on getting set up.

    Quant accepts options or will ready configuration values from a quant.json file in the current directory.

    $ quant init

    An interactive walk-through for configuring your API connection.

    $ quant info
    Endpoint: https://api.quantcdn.io/v1
    Customer: quant
    Project: dev-docs
    Token: ****
    ✅✅✅ Successfully connected to dev-docs

    Manage search index

    Basic usage

    • Use quant search status to retrieve index size and basic configuration.
    • Use quant search unindex --path=/url/path to remove an item from the index.
    • Use quant search clear to clear the entire index.

    Create and update records

    You may index new content or update existing content in the search index directly. Simply provide one or multiple records in JSON files. For example, consider a search-records.json file containing the following:

            "title": "This is a record",
            "url": "/blog/page",
            "summary": "The record is small and neat.",
            "content": "Lots of good content here. But not too much!",
            "title": "Fully featured search record",
            "url": "/about-us",
            "summary": "The record contains all the trimmings.",
            "content": "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Cras id dolor facilisis, ornare erat et, scelerisque odio. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos.",
            "image": "https://www.example.com/images/about.jpg",
            "categories": [ "Blog", "Commerce", "Jamstack" ],
            "tags": [ "Tailwind" , "QuantCDN" ]

    To post these records to the search index:

    quant search index --path=./search-records.json

    Note: The path may either refer to an individual file or a path on disk containing multiple JSON files.


    Automated via CodeFresh for all PRs and mainline branches.

    $ npm run lint
    $ npm run test


    Issues and feature requests are managed via Github and pull requests are welcomed.




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