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    This library provides the ability to create hierarchical page objects and access elements using plain-english selectors. Works on top of webdriverIO.

    npm install @qavajs/po


    Lib provides getElement method that resolves plain-english selector and return webdriverIO element or array of webdriverIO element.

    const { po } = require('@qavajs/po');
    When(/^click '(.+)'$/, async function (alias) {
        const element = await po.getElement(alias);
        await element.waitForClickable();
    When click '#1 of Multiple Component > Child Item'

    Lib provides capability to get single element from collection by index (#index of Collection) or inner text (#text in Collection).

    Create page object

    Lib provides two methods $ and $$ that allow registering elements and collections. An element can be defined in form of webdriverIO selector or as an instance of the component class.

    Each not top-level component should have selector element in form of webdriverIO selector.

    const { $, $$, Component } = require('@qavajs/po');
    class MultipleComponent {
        selector = '.list-components li';
        ChildItem = $('div');
    //component declared via Component extension
    class MultipleComponent2 extends Component {
        ChildItem = $('div');
    class SingleComponent {
        selector = '.container';
        ChildItem = $('.child-item');
    class App {
        SingleElement = $('.single-element');
        List = $$('.list li');
        SingleComponent = $(new SingleComponent());
        MultipleComponents = $$(new MultipleComponent());
        MultupleComponents2 = $$(new MultipleComponent2('.list-components li'));
    module.exports = new App();

    Register PO

    Before using po object need to be initiated and hierarchy of elements needs to be registered The best place to do it is cucumber-js Before hook

    const { po } = require('@qavajs/po');
    const pos = require('./app.js');
    Before(async function() {
        po.init(browser, { timeout: 10000 });  // browser is webdriverIO browser object
        po.register(pos); // pos is page object hierarchy




    npm i @qavajs/po

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