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    PX Blue Progress Icons

    Progress icons

    This is a library of icons with dynamic fill capabilities that can be used to show progress (similar to a traditional progress spinner or bar). These can be used to show health, battery life, etc.

    Currently, we have icons available for:

    • battery
    • heart
    • pie
    • ups


    To install the PX Blue progress icons from NPM as a dependency for your project, you can run one of the following commands in your project root:

    yarn add @pxblue/ng-progress-icons // for Angular components

    Using the progress icons in your application

    The progress icon components can be imported and used like you would use any other component. You can manually set the desired color for the icon, otherwise it will inherit the text color of its parent container;

    // app.module.ts
    import { NgProgressIconsModule } from '@pxblue/ng-progress-icons';
    <!-- app.component.html -->
    <battery-progress percent="80" size="36" color="green" [charging]="true" [outlined]="true"></battery-progress>
    <heart-progress percent="99" size="36" color="pink" [outlined]="true"></heart-progress>
    <pie-progress percent="30" size="36" color="#0000ff" ring="4" [outlined]="true"></pie-progress>
    <ups-progress percent="10" size="36" color="#0000ff" [outlined]="true"></ups-progress>


    Shared Attributes

    These props are available on all of the progress icons in this package.

    @Input Description Type Required Default
    backgroundColor Background color for the unfilled area string no
    color The color used for the icon fill string no 'currentColor'
    labelColor Label text color string no
    labelPosition Where to display the text label top, bottom, center, right, left no center
    labelSize Size of the label in px number no size/4
    outlined Whether to use the outlined style boolean no false
    percent The amount to fill the icon (0-100) number no 100
    showPercentLabel Option to show percentage overlay boolean no false
    size The size of the icon (in px) number no 24

    Any other props supplied will be provided to the root element (svg).

    Battery Attributes

    The battery supports all of the shared attributes above and the following additional attribute:

    @Input Description Type Required Default
    charging Whether to show the charging indicator boolean no false

    Pie Attributes

    The pie supports all of the shared attributes above and the following additional attribute:

    @Input Description Type Required Default
    ring The thickness of the outer ring (1 = thin ring, 10 = full circle ) number no 10

    Building & Packaging

    These progress icons are currently created manually by modifying the svg files from the design folder with various clip paths and fill algorithms. They are then packaged up for distribution via npm.

    The Angular icons are built using the library packages built into the Angular CLI (read more).

    To create a new component:

    cd icons/progress/angular
    ng generate component component-name --project=ng-progress-icons

    And then to create the /dist version:

    ng build ng-progress-icons
    yarn build

    Once you have built the library, you can publish to npm via:

    cd dist/ng-progress-icons
    npm version patch
    npm publish


    npm i @pxblue/ng-progress-icons

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