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    Example / basic Next.js-based Release app for the MicroApps framework.

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    • Lists all deployed applications
    • Shows all versions and rules per application
    • Allows setting the default rule (pointer to version) for each application


    Example CDK Stack that deploys @pwrdrvr/microapps-app-release:

    The application is intended to be deployed upon the MicroApps framework and it operates on a DynamoDB Table created by the MicroApps framework. Thus, it is required that there be a deployment of MicroApps that can receive this application. Deploying the MicroApps framework and general application deployment instructions are covered by the MicroApps documentation.

    The application is packaged for deployment via AWS CDK and consists of a single Lambda function that reads/writes the MicroApps DynamoDB Table.

    The CDK Construct is available for TypeScript, DotNet, Java, and Python with docs and install instructions available on @pwrdrvr/microapps-app-release-cdk - Construct Hub.

    Installation of CDK Construct

    Node.js TypeScript/JavaScript

    npm i --save-dev @pwrdrvr/microapps-app-release-cdk

    Sharp Image Processing Lambda Layer

    The Sharp layer is extracted and shared across all Serverless Next.js apps. The Sharp layer can be built with whatever features you are licensed for (or just open source features) following the example in this PR:

    Add the Construct to your CDK Stack

    See cdk-stack for a complete example used to deploy this app for PR builds.

    import { MicroAppsAppRelease } from '@pwrdrvr/microapps-app-release-cdk';
    const app = new MicroAppsAppRelease(this, 'app', {
      functionName: `microapps-app-${appName}${shared.envSuffix}${shared.prSuffix}`,
      staticAssetsS3Bucket: s3.Bucket.fromBucketName(this, 'apps-bucket', shared.s3BucketName),
      table: dynamodb.Table.fromTableName(this, 'apps-table', shared.tableName),
      nodeEnv: shared.env as Env,
      removalPolicy: shared.isPR ? RemovalPolicy.DESTROY : RemovalPolicy.RETAIN,


    npm i @pwrdrvr/microapps-app-release-cdk

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