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Nx plugin to execute lighthouse user flows

Run generators, executors and helper code to seamlessly integrate user flow into your Nx workspace.

Quick Start

  1. Add @push-based/user-flow-nx-plugin to your project. It will unlock generators, executors and migrations for a seamless DX:
npm install --save-dev @push-based/user-flow-nx-plugin
nx generate @push-based/user-flow-nx-plugin:init
  1. Add a target to your project and configure it.
 nx generate @push-based/user-flow-nx-plugin:target

optionally provide a different target name

   nx generate @push-based/user-flow-nx-plugin:target --targetName=xyz

2.1 To test out the result before changing your code add --dry-run to the options

Init user flows in your Nx workspace

You can easily use the generators to setup user flows in the workspace.

run: nx generate @push-based/user-flow-nx-plugin:init

This should add the necessary dependencies your package.json.

>  NX  Generating @push-based/user-flow-nx-plugin:install

Adding packages
UPDATE nx.json
UPDATE package.json

In your workspace package.json you will find the packages added. You can find the details about the executor options under Executor Options.

In your nx.json you will find the generator defaults. You can set the workspace base configurations.

Now you can go and setup user-flows under a target or generate tests over the CLI.

Add a target to execute user flows in a project

You have to add a target over the generator to be able to execute user-flows.

nx generate @push-based/user-flow-nx-plugin:target

This should add the new target to your project.json.

>  NX  Generating @push-based/user-flow-nx-plugin:target [target-name-here]

? What project would you like to add your target to? …

Adding target user-flow to project project-name
UPDATE packages/project-name/project.json

In your workspace project.json you will find the target added. Now you can go and execute the target over the CLI.

Execute user flows as Nx target

To execute user flows you need to have a target set up as pre-condition.

npx user-flow [project-name]

This should add the new target to your project.json.

> nx run user-flow-gh-integration:user-flow

 >  NX   Successfully ran target user-flow for project [project-name]

You will find the artefacts in your configured outpath, by default dist/user-flow.

Executor Options

Option Type Default Description
--help, -h boolean undefined Show help
--targetName, string user-flow The target name for user-flow execution
--projectName, string user-flow The project name to add the user-flow target
--cliMode, string DEFAULT CLI mode for execution of user-flows SANDBOX. This is useful when you debug or write tests.
--ouputPath boolean undefined Alias for --outPath.

Other available options are listed under collect command options.




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