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    This is a JavaScript implementation for the Discord REST API. It is very light, and doesn't do more than is needed. We do not depend on any runtime-specific apis, but rather the fetch and FormData standard APIs, meaning this client can run in Node.js and in Bun (with polyfills). Every route is fully typed via discord-api-types and documented using auto-generated JSDoc comments from the Discord API documentation.

    Basic Example:

    import { Rest } from '@purplet/rest';
    const rest = new Rest({ token: process.env.token });
    const me = await rest.user.getCurrentUser();

    All routes are based off of the Discord API Docs, in the notation of .resource.actionName, where resource is the name of a page on the sidebar, and actionName is the name of the header above each endpoint. This means the endpoint used above is "Get Current User" on the "User" page.

    note: "Receiving and Responding" is exposed as interactionResponse, as it is more concise

    For requests with url params, JSON bodies, queries, file uploads, and the X-Audit-Log-Reason header; a consistent object is passed, though each route has a custom type generated to only allow the fields are allowed/required.

    Sending a Message:

    const result = await{
      // Url params are on the base object
      channelId: '995650617282412594',
      // JSON Body is `body`
      body: {
        content: 'Hello, world!',
        attachments: [
            id: '0',
      // Attached files are `files`, you can pass a string, Uint8Array, or even `Bun.file(...)`
      files: [
          name: 'cat.png',
          data: Bun.file('./cat.png'),


    @purplet/rest has a peer-dependency on discord-api-types so we do not have to bump this package when types change slightly.

    pnpm install @purplet/rest discord-api-types
    # or
    bun add @purplet/rest discord-api-types


    Until v18, node.js does not support fetch, and no version of node or bun has FormData built-in. We provide another package, @purplet/polyfill which polyfills these APIs for you:

    import '@purplet/polyfill';
    import { Rest } from '@purplet/rest';
    // ...

    Missing/Incorrect Types

    We generate most of our library's route metadata off of these GitHub repositories:

    We do apply some patches of our own, but missing types should be contributed to the above repositories instead of as extra overrides to us. The following routes have buggy or incorrect types:

    • Auto Moderation routes have not been merged yet. (types#418 / purplet#35)

      • autoModeration.listAutoModerationRulesForGuild
      • autoModeration.getAutoModerationRule
      • autoModeration.createAutoModerationRule
      • autoModeration.modifyAutoModerationRule
    • Some thread actions are missing. (types#526) / purplet#50)

      • channel.listPublicArchivedThreads
      • channel.listPrivateArchivedThreads
      • channel.listJoinedPrivateArchivedThreads


    npm i @purplet/rest

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