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    Phoenix components

    This project is using for visual regression testing.

    Our aim is to build a simple React components library using styled-components and TypeScript.

    3rd party libraries

    Phoenix Components takes advantage of some 3rd party libraries to create consistently styled components

    • @tippyjs/react - dropdown and positioning engine for the Dropdown component
    • countries-and-timezones - list of timezones for the TimezonePicker component
    • is-mobile - detecting mobile device for the Select component
    • nanoid - unique string ID generator for Checkbox and Radio components
    • noUiSlider - complete solution for the Slider (and Range) component
    • react-day-picker - date picker for DatePicker and DateRangePicker components
    • react-dropzone - drag'n'drop support for the FileUpload component
    • react-inlinesvg - Inline loading of SVG files (to support hover effects) across all components using icons
    • react-pdf - PDF files preview for the FileUpload component
    • react-select - complete solution for the Select component
    • react-tabs - complete solution for the Tabs component and its subcomponents (TabList, Tab and TabPanel)

    Demo & Documentation

    Phoenix Components Storybook


    npm i @purple/phoenix-components


    1. Phoenix components use by default Roboto font with weights 400 and 500. If you want to use this default font, please add it to your project, using for example Google Fonts. (If you want to use different font family and/or different font weights, please refer to the section Customization.)
    <link rel="preconnect" href="">
    <link href=";500&display=swap" rel="stylesheet">
    1. Import Theme from Phoenix Components and wrap the app in <ThemeProvider> from styled-components providing the Theme object. If your repository already contains custom styled-components theme, merge both themes together. If you're going to use overrides inside $pc key (see the Customization section), you need to use deep merge (e.g. merge from lodash).

      Also, import <GlobalStyles> component which provides styles such as default font and sizes, and include it once in your project.

    import merge from 'lodash/merge'
    import { ThemeProvider } from 'styled-components'
    import { GlobalStyles, Theme as PhoenixTheme } from '@purple/phoenix-components'
    import { Theme } from './CustomAppTheme'
    function App() {
      return (
        <ThemeProvider theme={merge(PhoenixTheme, Theme)}>
          <GlobalStyles />
          { ... your app ... }

    You can optionally include dir key in the theme with values either 'ltr' or 'rtl'. This is not required but it will slightly optimize CSS generated to support right-to-left layouts, resulting in smaller footprint.

    <ThemeProvider theme={merge({ dir: 'rtl' }, Theme)}>
    1. Import components that you need and use them according to the docs.
    import { TextInput } from '@purple/phoenix-components'


    You can either extended the components with styled-components. For example:

    import styled from 'styled-components'
    import { TextInput } from '@purple/phoenix-components'
    const StyledInput = styled(TextInput)`
    	// css overrides here

    Or you can override the default properties inside the $pc object. In your own theme file, define the overrides as shown below, deep merge your theme file with the Phoenix theme file, and provide it to ThemeProvider.

    export const Theme = {
    	// overriding phoenix components defaults
    	$pc: {
    		fontFamily: 'Mulish, sans-serif',
    		fontWeight: {
    			regular: 400,
    			bold: 600

    For more information about what's possible to customize please refer directly to the file src/theme.tsx.

    🔼 Migration guide from v3 to v4

    In prop tables, all removed properties are listed with notes how to update the component.


    Renamed to Notice.

    Property Notes
    text Use children instead.
    centerText Too specific prop. Centered text in a notice component is discouraged. If needed, however, it can be done manually through child element with custom styling.
    type Use colorTheme instead.
    contentColor Use colorTheme instead.
    backgroundColor Use colorTheme instead.
    title Use children instead.


    Property Notes
    color Use colorTheme instead.
    background Use colorTheme instead.


    Renamed to Checkbox (B lowercase).

    Property Notes
    color Use colorTheme instead.


    Property Notes
    label Removed. If needed, use standalone component Label.


    Property Notes
    color Use colorTheme instead.


    Renamed to Select.

    Property Notes
    autoComplete Remove. Select does not support autoComplete prop and it was not used in the v3 anyway.
    description Description is not part of this component anymore. If any description above the text input is needed, use component Text or Paragraph.
    background Remove. Should not be desired. We strive for unified design.
    border Remove. Should not be desired. We strive for unified design.
    rowHeight Remove without replacement.


    Property Notes
    borderColor Use colorTheme instead.
    label Removed. If needed, use standalone component Label.


    Property Notes
    type Remove without replacement. textarea does not have an attribute type.
    withBorder Remove without replacement. Should not be desired. We strive for unified design.


    Property Notes
    description Description is not part of this component anymore. If any description above the text input is needed, create a custom element with custom styling.
    descriptionFontSize The same applies as for description prop.
    background Remove without replacement. Background color should not be modified.
    disableErrorText If we don't want to display error text but want to mark the input as errored, we set the property error to true (instead of string).
    focusColor Remove without replacement. Focus color should not be modified.


    npm i @purple/phoenix-components

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