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    Pulumi Kubernetes CoreDNS Component

    This repo contains the Pulumi CoreDNS component for Kubernetes. CoreDNS is a fast and flexible DNS server, providing DNS services to your cluster.

    This component wraps the official CoreDNS Helm Chart, and offers a Pulumi-friendly and strongly-typed way to manage CoreDNS installations.

    For examples of usage, see the official documentation, or refer to the examples in this repo.

    To Use

    To use this component, first install the Pulumi Package:

    Afterwards, import the library and instantiate it within your Pulumi program:


    This component supports all of the configuration options of the official Helm chart, except that these are strongly typed so you will get IDE support and static error checking.

    The Helm deployment uses reasonable defaults, including the chart name and repo URL, however, if you need to override them, you may do so using the helmOptions parameter. Refer to the API docs for the kubernetes:helm/v3:Release Pulumi type for a full set of choices.

    For complete details, refer to the Pulumi Package details within the Pulumi Registry.


    npm i @pulumi/kubernetes-coredns

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