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Native Google Cloud Pulumi Provider (developer preview)

The native Google Cloud Provider for Pulumi lets you provision Google Cloud resources in your cloud programs.

This provider uses the Google Cloud REST API directly and therefore provides full access to Google Cloud.

Warning: Google Cloud Native is available in developer preview. While upstream changes continue to be delivered, active development is paused. Breaking changes may be introduced in minor version releases.

To use this package, install the Pulumi CLI.


This package is available in many languages in the standard packaging formats.

Node.js (JavaScript/TypeScript)

To use from JavaScript or TypeScript in Node.js, install using either npm:

npm install @pulumi/google-native

or yarn:

yarn add @pulumi/google-native


To use from Python, install using pip:

pip install pulumi_google_native


To use from Go, use go get to grab the latest version of the library

go get github.com/pulumi/pulumi-google-native/sdk


To use from .NET, install using dotnet add package:

dotnet add package Pulumi.GoogleNative


The native Google Cloud package provides a strongly-typed means to build cloud applications that create and interact closely with Google Cloud resources. Resources are exposed for the entire Google Cloud surface area, including (but not limited to) 'compute', 'container', 'run', 'storage', and more.

The native Google Cloud provider works directly with the Google Cloud API instead of depending on a handwritten layer as with the Google Cloud Classic Provider. This approach ensures higher quality and higher fidelity with Google Cloud.

Configuring credentials

To learn how to configure credentials refer to the Google Cloud configuration options.

When developing locally, we recommend that you install the Google Cloud SDK and then authorize access with a user account. Other configuration settings should be set either via pulumi config set google-native:<KEY> <VALUE> or pass options to the constructor of a new google-native Provider.



  • Go 1.15
  • NodeJS 10.X.X or later
  • Python 3.6 or later
  • .NET Core 3.1

Please refer to Contributing to Pulumi for installation guidance.

Building locally

Run the following commands to install Go modules, generate all SDKs, and build the provider:

make ensure
make build

Add the bin folder to your $PATH or copy the bin/pulumi-resource-google-native file to another location in your $PATH.

Running an example

Navigate to one of the examples and run Pulumi:

cd ./exampes/simple
yarn link @pulumi/google-native
pulumi up

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