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    Pulumi AWS Native Provider (preview)

    The Pulumi AWS Native Provider enables you to build, deploy, and manage any AWS resource that's supported by the AWS Cloud Control API. With AWS Native, you get same-day access to all new AWS resources and all new properties on existing resources supported by the Cloud Control API. You can use AWS Native from a Pulumi program written in any Pulumi language: C#, Go, JavaScript/TypeScript, and Python. You'll need to install and configure the Pulumi CLI if you haven't already.


    AWS Native is in public preview. Not all AWS resources are currently available in the AWS Native Provider. It covers all resources that are currently supported by the AWS Cloud Control API and AWS CloudFormation Registry. List of supported resources.

    For new projects, we recommend using AWS Native and AWS Classic side-by-side so you can get the speed and correctness benefits of AWS Native where possible. For existing projects, AWS Classic remains fully supported; at this time, we recommend waiting to migrate existing projects to AWS Native.

    Configuring credentials

    To learn how to configure credentials refer to the AWS configuration options.



    • Go 1.17
    • NodeJS 10.X.X or later
    • Python 3.6 or later
    • .NET Core 3.1

    Please refer to Contributing to Pulumi for installation guidance.

    Building locally

    Run the following commands to install Go modules, generate all SDKs, and build the provider:

    $ make ensure
    $ make build

    Add the bin folder to your $PATH or copy the bin/pulumi-resource-aws-native file to another location in your $PATH.

    Running an example

    Navigate to the ECS example and run Pulumi:

    $ cd ./examples/ecs
    $ yarn link @pulumi/aws-native
    $ pulumi config set aws:region us-west-2
    $ pulumi config set aws-native:region us-west-2
    $ pulumi up


    npm i @pulumi/aws-native


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