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Zero dependency client for consuming Heart Rate Data from pulsoid-api.

Getting started

To install the package with npm, run:

npm install pulsoid-socket

or with yarn:

yarn add pulsoid-socket

Basic usage

In order to use the client, you need to have a valid authorization token. Check out how to get one here;

import PulsoidSocket from 'pulsoid-socket';

const pulsocket = new PulsoidSocket('YOUR_AUTH_TOKEN');

pulsocket.on('open', (event) => {
  console.log('Start listening to heart rate data');
pulsocket.on('heart-rate', (data) => {
  console.log(`Current heart rate is ${data.heartRate}`);
pulsocket.on('close', (event) => {
  console.log('Stop listening to heart rate data');


Using CDN

You can also use the client directly from CDN. The client is available on unpkg and jsdelivr.

Check the codepen example on basic PulsoidSocket usage with CDN


List of available Methods on PulsoidSocket instance

Method Description
constructor(token: string, options?: PulsoidSocketOptions) Creates a new instance of the client.
connect() Connects to the websocket server
disconnect() Disconnects from the websocket server
on(eventType: EventType, callback: Callback Adds a listener for the specified event type.
off(eventType: EventType, callback?: Callback) Removes a listener for the specified event type. Removes all handlers if callback parameter is not specified
isConnected() Returns true if socket connection is alive

List of available EventType's for on method

Event Type Callback Type Description
'open' (event: Event) => void Called when the connection is established
'heart-rate' (heartRate: HeartRateMessage) => void Called when heart rate message is recieved
'close' (event: CloseEvent) => void Called when the connection is closed
'error' (error: PulsoidSocketError) => void Called when an error occurs
'online' () => void Called when heart rate monitor device sends first message
'offline' () => void Called when there are no incomming messages from heart rate monitor device for more than 30 seconds
'reconnect' (event: {attempt: number}) => void Called when the client is trying to reconnect

PulsoidSocketOptions interface:

interface PulsoidSocketOptions {
  // Reconnect timing formula:
  // Math.min(maxInterval, minInterval * Math.pow(2, attempt))
  reconnect?: {
    // Turn on/off the reconnect option. true by default
    enabled?: boolean;

    // Base value for reconnect interval. 2000 by default
    reconnectMinInterval?: number;

    // Max value for reconnect interval. 10000 by default
    reconnectMaxInterval?: number;

    // Number of attempts before stopping the reconect. 10 000 by default trying to reconnect really hard
    reconnectAttempts?: number;

HeartRateMessage format:

interface HeartRateMessage {
  measuredAt: number; // Unix timestamp
  heartRate: number; // Heart rate in BPM

PulsoidSocketError interface:

interface PulsoidSocketError {
  code: number; // Error code

specification of error codes:

Code Description
412 User doesn't have any heart rate data




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