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    Pure JS react native slider component with one or two markers. Options to customize track, touch area and provide customer markers and callbacks for touch events and value changes.


    cd example/Basic
    npm install
    react-native run-ios
    react-native run-android


    Getting Started


    $ npm install --save @ptomasroos/react-native-multi-slider

    Usage in a ScrollView

     enableScroll = () => this.setState({ scrollEnabled: true });
     disableScroll = () => this.setState({ scrollEnabled: false });
     render() {
       return (
         <ScrollView scrollEnabled={this.state.scrollEnabled}>

    shape up CustomMarker as left and right

    In order to make different styles on markers you can set isMarkersSeparated to true, define customMarkerLeft and customMarkerRight in MultiSlider. for example:

          customMarkerLeft={(e) => {
             return (<CustomSliderMarkerLeft
             customMarkerRight={(e) => {
             return (<CustomSliderMarkerRight

    Partial report of the props

    Feel free to contribute to this part of the documentation.

    Prop name Default value Type Purpouse
    values [0] array of numbers Prefixed values of the slider.
    onValuesChangeStart () => {} function Callback when the value starts changing
    onValuesChange () => {} function Callback when the value changes
    onValuesChangeFinish (values) => {} function Callback when the value stops changing
    sliderLength 280 number Length of the slider (?)
    touchDimensions {height: 50,width: 50,borderRadius: 15,slipDisplacement: 200} object (?)
    enableLabel function Enable the label rendering
    customLabel function Component used for rendering a label above the cursors.
    customMarker function Component used for the cursor.
    customMarkerLeft function Component used for the left cursor.
    customMarkerRight function Component used for the right cursor.
    isMarkersSeparated boolean See explaination above in the README.md
    min 0 number Minimum value available in the slider.
    max 10 number Maximum value available in the slider.
    step 1 number Step value of the slider.
    optionsArray array of numbers Possible values of the slider. Ignores min and max.
    {container/track/selected/unselected/ markerContainer/marker/pressedMarker} Style style object Styles for the slider
    valuePrefix string Prefix added to the value.
    valueSuffix string Suffix added to the value.
    enabledOne true boolean Enables the first cursor
    enabledTwo true boolean Enables the second cursor
    onToggleOne undefined function callback Listener when first cursor toggles.
    onToggleTwo undefined function callback Listener when second cursor toggles.
    allowOverlap false boolean Allow the overlap within the cursors.
    snapped false boolean Use this when you want a fixed position for your markers, this will split the slider in N specific positions
    vertical false boolean Use vertical orientation instead of horizontal.
    markerOffsetX 0 number Offset first cursor.
    markerOffsetY 0 number Offset second cursor.
    minMarkerOverlapDistance 0 number if this is > 0 and allowOverlap is false, this value will determine the closest two markers can come to each other. This can be used for cases where you have two markers large cursors and you don't want them to overlap. Note that markers will still overlap at the start if starting values are too near.
    imageBackgroundSource undefined string Specifies the source as required by ImageBackground


    npm i @ptomasroos/react-native-multi-slider

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