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react-leaf-polls is a set of multiple reusable and customizable poll types.

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npm i --save react-leaf-polls


yarn add react-leaf-polls


import { LeafPoll, Result } from 'react-leaf-polls'
import 'react-leaf-polls/dist/index.css'

// Persistent data array (typically fetched from the server)
const resData = [
  { id: 0, text: 'Answer 1', votes: 0 },
  { id: 1, text: 'Answer 2', votes: 0 },
  { id: 2, text: 'Answer 3', votes: 0 }

// Object keys may vary on the poll type (see the 'Theme options' table below)
const customTheme = {
  textColor: 'black',
  mainColor: '#00B87B',
  backgroundColor: 'rgb(255,255,255)',
  alignment: 'center'

function vote(item: Result, results: Result[]) {
  // Here you probably want to manage
  // and return the modified data to the server.

const App = () => {
  return (
      question='What you wanna ask?'

Component Props

Prop Type/Options Required Default Description
type "multiple" or "binary" binary Determines rendered poll type. Binary is recommended for yes-no questions where multiple is "one from many".
question String Question visible on top of the poll. Invisible if not set.
results Array of objects with keys "text" and "votes". Results data is visible to the user after the vote.
Should be stored permanently! Usually red and wrote to the persistent storage source.
Array is modified every time user votes by incrementing the "votes" value and adding "percentage" element.
theme Object
More in the table below
More in the table below Theme allows you to customize the look and feel of given poll. Depending on poll type there are different options.
isVoted Boolean false When set to true, poll will show the results by default on mount and user won't be able to vote. Might be helpful when we want to keep showing results on every rerender after user has voted.
*isVotedId Number When an id is set, poll will indicate with the main theme color the result which the user has already voted on. To be used in conjunction with isVoted. *Only enabled for multiple.
onVote Function Callback function running when user picks the answer. Returns the clicked item's and whole results modified object as arguments.

Theme options

Theme is an object where no value is mandatory. Colors can get any type of color notations.

Option Default Poll type Description
mainColor #00B87B multiple Marks the picked answer after the vote.
textColor #19181f both Color of question's and answer's text.
leftColor binary Color of left cell's text in the binary poll.
rightColor binary Color of right cell's text in the binary poll.
backgroundColor #ffffff both Background of answer's pane.
alignment center both Changes container's align-items property.
"start", "center" or "end" is only allowed.


MIT © salalo

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