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Content Editor

Content Editor is tool. Which allows you to create ECML(Ekstep content markup language) type content.

How to configure

Download content editor

Run npm i @project-sunbird/content-editor

Required configuration

window.context = {
  "user": {
    "id": " ",
    "name": "Admin",
    "orgIds": [  ],
    "organisations": {}
  "sid": "xxx",
  "contentId": "do_xxx",
  "pdata": {
    "id": "",
    "ver": "1.11.0",
    "pid": ""
  "tags": [],
  "channel": "xxx",
  "framework": "NCFCOPY",
  "ownershipType": [
  "uid": "xxx",
  "etags": {
    "app": [],
    "partner": [],
    "dims": []
window.config = {
  "baseURL": "",
  "apislug": "/action",
  "build_number": "",
  "pluginRepo": "/content-plugins",
  "aws_s3_urls": [],
  "plugins": [
      "id": "org.ekstep.sunbirdcommonheader",
      "ver": "1.6",
      "type": "plugin"
  "corePluginsPackaged": true,
  "dispatcher": "local",
  "localDispatcherEndpoint": "",
  "previewURL": "/content/preview/preview.html",
  "modalId": "contentEditor",
  "alertOnUnload": true,
  "headerLogo": "https://dev.open-sunbird.org/assets/images/sunbird_logo.png",
  "showHelp": false,
  "previewConfig": {},
  "pluginsRepoUrl": " ",
  "enableTelemetryValidation": false
Property Name Description Default Value
user It is a object, Which should contain the user details(userId, name) NA
sid It is a string, Session identifier NA
contentId It is a string, content identifier NA
pdata It is a object, producer information.It can have producer version, producer Id NA
tags It is a array, Encrypted dimension tags passed by respective channels NA
channel It is a string, Channel which has produced the event NA
framework It is a string, example:NCF, NCERT NA
baseURL It is a string, host url NA
corePluginsPackaged It is a boolean, Which enables the content-editor to load the plugins from packaged script rather than individual true
pluginRepo It is a string, From which location plugins should load /plugins
dispatcher It is a string,Where the telemetry should log ex(console, piwik, library) console
keywordsLimit It is a number, Max response keyword size 500
plugins It is a array, Array of plugins ex:[{id:"org.sunbird.header",ver:"1.0",type:"plugin"}] NA
previewURL It is a string, path of the content player preview NA
showHelp It is a boolean, to show the help icon in the editor false
previewConfig It is a object, configurations related to content player preview for more details refer here false
enableTelemetryValidation It is a boolean, To validate the telemetry events which is being generated in editors false
aws_s3_urls It is a array, if the content assets are referring any of aws s3 urls which is denfined in the aws_s3_urls then editor will replace those path with baseURL + assetReverseProxyUrl NA
  openContentEditor() {
    jQuery.fn.iziModal = iziModal;
      title: '',
      iframe: true,
      iframeURL: 'url', // content-editor node_moduels index.html path
      navigateArrows: false,
      fullscreen: false,
      openFullscreen: true,
      closeOnEscape: false,
      overlayClose: false,
      overlay: false,
      overlayColor: '',
      history: false,
      onClosing: () => {
        this._zone.run(() => {

How to setup sunbird-content-editor in local

  1. Clone the sunbird-content-editor repo from here
  2. Clone the sunbird-content-plugins repo from here
  3. Go to the root directory sunbird-content-editor.
  4. Run npm install to install node moduels.
  5. cd app and run bower install to install bower components
  6. Create a symlink to 'sunbird-content-plugins' (ln -s ../sunbird-content-plugins plugins)(Linx, mac) for windows: use mklink
  7. Run node app
  8. Open Chrome and visit this link: http://localhost:3000/app/


For changes logs please refer here

For sunbird-content-editor demo please visit here




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