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Kendo UI Bootstrap Theme

The Kendo UI Bootstrap Theme is a theme for the Kendo UI components which is based on the Twitter Bootstrap framework, version 4. To style and size the components and make them blend in with the surrounding page, the Bootstrap theme uses the variables defined in Bootstrap.


This package is part of the following suites:

All available Kendo UI commercial licenses may be obtained at http://www.telerik.com/purchase/kendo-ui.

If you do not own a commercial license, the usage of this software shall be governed by the Apache License, Version 2.0.

Basic Usage

For more information on how to implement the Bootstrap theme in your project, refer to the following articles:

Running Custom Builds

The handling of all variables happens in the _bootstrap-map.scss file. It loads the Bootstrap variables from the default location. For example, node_modules/bootstrap/scss/_variables.scss.

If you have a customized version of Bootstrap:

  1. Specify the location in _bootstrap-map.scss.
  2. Build as usual.

Applying Mapped Variables

To ensure a certain level of compatibility, the Bootstrap variables are locally mapped. This also enables Kendo UI to use an ad-hoc micro framework based on primitive components. For example, button, input, node, and so on.

However, some variables, such as $tooltip-arrow-width which is used in the tooltip, are not mapped. They are referenced explicitly because they do not fit in the previously mentioned framework.


Because Bootstrap v4 is still in beta, its variables may change between releases. Make sure to use the Bootstrap version which is specified in the peer dependencies of the package.

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