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Kendo UI for Angular: Localized Messages


This repository contains translated messages for Kendo UI components for Angular.

It also includes a utility to populate these messages in application message files in an XLIFF format. For more details, refer to the article on localization of messages.

Basic Usage

The kendo-translate script looks up translations for the specified locale and the package, and populates them in the specified XLIFF (.xlf) file.

kendo-translate <file> --locale <locale-id> [--force]
  • file—The path to the .xlf message file.
  • --locale, -l—The locale ID string. For example, es-ES.
  • --force, -f—If set, it overwrites the existing translations (<target> elements).


To install the @progress/kendo-angular-messages package, follow the instructions in the article on getting started.

npm install @progress/kendo-angular-messages


To build the package from this repository, run the npm pack command.