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    Identity and Access Management - IAM

    Contains the implementation of the essential-projects IAM contracts interfaces.


    The ProcessEngine uses IAM for performing authorization related requests. The contracts found in essential-projects/iam_contracts provide a template for this.

    Two services are available:

    1. IamService

      Used for interaction with the authority. ensureHasClaim allows to check if a given identity has a given claim.

    2. IdentityService

      A service that knows how to transform a given token (e.g. JWT) to an identity that the authority can understand.

    Usage Example:

    The easiest way to get familiar with the idea is to look at an example; this will illustrate the use of and the interaction between the IamService and the IdentityService:

    const identityService: IIdentityService = new IdentityService();
    const iamService: IIAMService = new IAMService(new HttpClient(), identityService, this.config.introspectPath);
    // Get the identity for a given JWT token.
    const token: String = "Place JWT Token here";
    const identity: IIdentity = identityService.getIdentity(token);
    // Will result in:
    // 1. An UnauthorizedError HTTP Status code, if the identity is not logged in at the authority.
    // 2. A ForbiddenError HTTP Status code, if the identity does not have the given claim.
    // 3. Nothing, if the identity has the given claim.
    iamService.ensureHasClaim(identity, 'allowd_to_read_data');
    // Place protected code here.


    Using IAM is simple. You can use ensureHasClaim to verify any claim for any identity.

    You'll get one of the following results:

    1. Get an Unauthorized Error

      A 401 will be thrown, if the identity is not known to the authority or the token is invalid/expired/etc.

    2. Get a Forbidden Error

      A 403 will be thrown, if the given identity does not have the given claim.

    3. Get Nothing, if the identity has the given claim.

      A 204, which indicates that the identity has the given claim.


    The IamService needs some minor configurations; it needs to know:

    1. Its authority.
    2. The client secret.




    npm i @process-engine/iam

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