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Create Component CLI

To accelerate development of new components, a CLI tool is provided.

An interactive command prompt will ask for the new components name, if it should generate js, scss, hbs files... File names follow the BEM naming convention and put together in one directory. Warnings will be shown if any file already exist and whether it should be overwritten or not.

The script will then generate these files with some boilerplate code (i.e. common imports, constructor, dummy props in js file, ccs class, data in hbs template and the css class name in the sccs file) and import those files in index.js/ts, styles.scss, ...

The Folder structure and File naming is opinionated and based on current p!v projects.


npm install --save-dev @pro-vision/pv-create-component


# with flags
pv-create-component --skip galen --verbose

Custom Templates

You can also provide custom templates for these files or for some of them, with the boilerplate most suitable for your project (e.g. grid system, common util imports, etc.). These files should be put inside scripts/create-component/templates folder and named similar to the default templates (see lib/templates).

Each template should expose a function as it's default export which invoked by an object with the parameters from the cli enquiry response, should return the content of the to be generated file for the new component as a string.

These arguments will be passed to each template independent of the to be generated file type (.hbs, .ts etc)

Name Type Example Description
name string "related topics"
uppercase string "Related Topics"
pascalCase string "RelatedTopics"
camelCase string "relatedTopics"
kebabCase string "related-topics"
constructorName string "PVRelatedTopics"
componentName string "pv-m-related-topics"
isCustomElement boolean component has a js file and therefor is a custom element
type string "Element" one of: "Element", "Module", "Page"
hasScss boolean component has .scss file
hasHbs boolean component has .hbs file
dataFile string | false handlebars data is in a yaml or json file. one of ".json", ".yaml" or false
hasTs boolean has a .ts file
hasJs boolean has a .js file
hasUnit boolean has unit test file
unit "jest"/"karma" "jest" type of unit tests
hasGalen boolean has galen test files
gitAdd boolean will be staged with git


Any necessary imports will automatically be added at the end of the main import file (ts, js, scss). But for the link to a new page in Living Styleguide it is expected that the <!-- IMPORT-PLACEHOLDER --> placeholder is in the src/styleguide/index.html file.

Cli Options


Skips asking questions regarding some particular file types / actions and won't generate the file. Options: galen, scss, hbs, data, js, ts, karma, jest and git.


npx pv-create-component --skip galen git

won't generate galen test files and won't git stage the generated files.

--unit (defaults to jest)

Type of unit test. Choose one of jest (default) or karma for karma + jasmine test suits.


npx pv-create-component --unit karma
# or
npx pv-create-component --unit=karma


Script will ask to generate unit test file (or galen files) even when the cli was told not to generate a js file (scss/hbs respectively). This could get handy for example when later a test file should be generated for an already existing component.


Logs some additional debug information.

--name or -n

component name, incase you don't want to answer it in the cli interaction


npx pv-create-component --name "related topics"

--namespace (defaults to pv.config.js#namespace)

namespace used to prefix the component name

--config, -C path to customized configuration

default will look under scripts/create-component/config.js

--templatesDir path to the directory containing customized boilerplate templates

default will look under scripts/create-component/templates

--help or -h

Prints all CLI options with their descriptions.

pv.config.js options

(see also configuration for pro-vision/fe-tools/packages/pv-scripts/)


Project namespace to be used as a prefix for the component name.

useTS [=true]

Generate TypeScript files instead of Javascript files.

Customize Configuration

Similar to the templates for boilerplate code, the questions asked in the CLI and the logic behind creating the files can be extended or modified.

For this create scripts/create-component/config.js which should have a default export of the modified configurations. (See pv-create-component/config.js)

const config = require("@pro-vision/pv-create-component/config");

/* add additional files type */
  id: "CYPRESS", // identifier which can be used for future overrides/modifications
  prompt: { // see https://github.com/SBoudrias/Inquirer.js for more options
    name: "hasCypress",
    when: (options) => options.hasHbs,
    type: "confirm",
    message: "Add Cypress test?",
    default: true,
  files: [
      id: "CYPRESS-FILE",
      when: (options) => options.hasCypress,
      template: tpl, // function which will return the boilerplate code
      // path of the file to be created
      path: (options) =>

/* modify existing import placement e.g. instead of the end of index.scss */
config.find(item => item.id === "SCSS").imports[0].placeholder = options =>
  options.type === "Element" ? "/* Element Import */" : "/* Module Import */";

/* allow creating components without type prefix for example for core component */
config.find(item => item.id === "TYPE").prompt.choices.push("Core Component");
// and use as `npm run new -- --namespace cmp --name title` to generate cmp-title files

module.exports = config;

See pv-create-component/types.d.ts for info regarding the options.

Using Programmatically

You can also use the generator directly. For example in a project scaffolding script.

const generator = require("@pro-vision/pv-create-component");

await generator({
  namespace: "pv",
  name: "related topics",
  type: "Module",
  hasScss: true,
  hasHbs: true,
  dataFile: ".yaml",
  hasTs: true,
  hasJs: false,
  hasUnit: false,
  unit: "karma",
  hasGalen: true,
  gitAdd: false,

// or with customized config
const config = require("@pro-vision/pv-create-component/config");
// modify config as needed

await generator(options, config);

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