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    Prisma Studio Demo Deployments

    This repository holds all code to deploy a demo version of Studio to Now

    Deployment Rules

    • The master branch is always deployed at
    • All other branches are deployed at
    • All pull requests to develop are deployed at

    Adding a new dataset/project

    1. Create a new branch from develop
    2. Add the new project to packages/preview/projects/index.json. Use a unique ID, a name to be displayed, and optionally, a link to the dataset (ideally on the prisma/prisma-examples GitHub repo)
    3. Create a new folder in packages/preview/projects/ with its name being EXACTLY the same as the new project's ID you decided on in the last step.
    4. Create a packages/preview/projects/<idOfProject>/prisma/ folder and place the schema.prisma and the SQLite DB file inside. Name the SQLite file dev.db.
    5. In the schema.prisma, replace the datasource and generator blocks with the following:
    datasource db {
      provider = "sqlite"
      url      = "file:dev.db"
    generator photon {
      provider = "prisma-client-js"
      output   = "./photon"
    1. Commit your changes to your branch, then open a pull request to develop
    2. Once all checks complete, you should be able to view your changes over at Change me
    3. Once you verify that the dataset works, you can merge it into develop.
    4. Merge develop to master to publish your changes to




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