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    Generate a JSON representation of style colors from a Figma file. Forked from jxnblk/figma-theme, which was created by Brent Jackson.


    @primer/figma-theme requires Node.js 11.0 or higher.

    To use the command-line API, you may want to install the package globally:

    # with npm
    npm i -g @primer/figma-theme
    # with yarn
    yarn global add @primer/figma-theme

    If you plan on using the package as part of another Node.js project, you can install it to your dependencies:

    # with npm
    npm i @primer/figma-theme
    # with yarn
    yarn add @primer/figma-theme

    If you've installed the package as a local dependency, you can run the binary with:


    Basic usage

    The CLI can parse JSON created from the Figma API and outputs JSON data to standard output.

    Local files

    To parse a JSON file created from the Figma API, pass the filename of the JSON file to the command:

    figma-theme my-figma-export.json

    You can also use - to specify stdin as the source for the JSON data:

    ./my-export-script.sh | figma-theme -

    Download from the Figma API

    If you specify your Figma personal access token via an environment variable or a .env file, the CLI can contact the Figma API and export the file for you:

    # using an environment variable
    FIGMA_TOKEN=asdf1234 figma-theme ...
    # using a .env file
    echo "FIGMA_TOKEN=asdf1234" > .env
    figma-theme ...

    To specify which file to export, use the --fetch option to specify a Figma file ID:

    FIGMA_TOKEN=asdf1234 figma-theme --fetch xRlnI4wD4TEQGzOERdUfJz

    To identify the Figma file ID, look at the part of the URL after /file/. For example, in the URL:


    the ID is abcdef123456.

    Figma styles

    The styles in your Figma file must adhere to the following rules:

    • Create a nested structure by using / in your style names, e.g. functional / text / primary (spaces are optional)
    • Your style names must not contain a period
    • Every style you want to be a part of your theme must be used in the file; if a style is unused, its color will be null


    Options are passed as CLI flags.

    • --out <file>: redirect output to the given file
    • --pretty: format the JSON output to be more human readable
    • --metadata: include additional metadata for each style
    • --fetch <file_id>: fetch the specified Figma document from the Figma API

    For a full list of options, run figma-theme --help.


    $ figma-theme --pretty test/fixtures/figma-file.json
      "functional": {
        "fill": {
          "red": "#ff0000",
          "blue": "#0085ff",
          "blue-alpha": "rgba(0,133,255,0.7)",
          "gray": null,
      "borders": {
        "green": "#007521",
        "orange": "#ff7a00",
        "black-fade-30": "rgba(0,0,0,0.3)",

    Local development

    To develop locally, clone the repository and install the dependencies with Yarn.

    # install dependencies
    yarn install
    # run tests
    yarn test
    # run the CLI
    ./node_modules/.bin/ts-node ./src/cli-boot.ts --help
    # OR
    yarn cli --help




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