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Declares TypeScript types and interfaces required to define Lexical Models, Word breaking functions, and all things in between.


(see below if you are working in the keymanapp/keyman repo!)

npm install --save-dev @keymanapp/models-types


Say you are creating a custom lexical model. Then import this module in your lexical model file!

// my-nifty-model.ts

import "@keymanapp/models-types";

export class MyNiftyClass implements LexicalModel {
  configure(capabilities: Capabilities): Configuration {
    // TODO: implement me!
    throw new Error("Method not implemented.");
  predict(transform: Transform, context: Context): ProbabilityMass<Suggestion>[] {
    // TODO: implement me!
    throw new Error("Method not implemented.");
  wordbreak(context: Context): string {
    // TODO: implement me!
    throw new Error("Method not implemented.");
  punctuation?: LexicalModelPunctuation;

If your are creating a custom word breaker, you would do the same:

import "@keymanapp/models-types";

export let myShinyWordBreaker: WordBreakingFunction;
myShinyWordBreaker = function (phrase: string): Span[] {
  // TODO: implement me!
  throw new Error("Function not implemented")

Look at index.d.ts for documentation on each and every type!

Usage within keymanapp/keyman repo

To use it in other subprojects within keymanapp/keyman, ensure that this package is linked using Lerna. From the root of the repository, run:

npx lerna bootstrap

Add this dependency to your subproject like so:

npx lerna add @keymanapp/models-types path/to/your/subproject


npm i @predictive-text-studio/models-types

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