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    Baretest is an extremely simple JavaScript test runner. It has a tiny footprint, near-instant performance, and a brainless API. It makes testing tolerable.

    How Baretest fits on the testing landscape


    npm i -D @prantlf/baretest

    With pnpm

    pnpm i -D @prantlf/baretest



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    Why Baretest?

    We constantly hit CMD + B on Sublime Text to test a function we are actively working on. We do this all the time, sometimes hundreds of times a day. With Jest, each of these runs would take seconds, but Baretest runs under 100ms.

    A typical setup in Sublime Text

    Comparing Jest vs Baretest

    Another reason for building Baretest was to have an extremely simple API. Typically we only use test() and the Node's built-in assert.equals() methods to run our tests. We've never needed automatic re-ordering, file watchers, "mocking" or "snapshotting".

    const test = require('baretest')('My app'),
      assert = require('assert'),
      app = require('my-app')
    test('add user', async function() {
      const user = await app.addUser('test@cc.com')
      assert.equals(user.name, 'Test')
    test('reject duplicate emails', async function() {
      await assert.rejects(async function() {
        await app.addUser('duplicate@address.com')
    // ...
    !(async function() {
      await test.run()

    We think a good test runner stays out of your way. We want to focus on the task at hand and not deal with the complexities of testing. We don't want to commit to a massive framework that dictates our work.


    Copyright (c) 2021 Ferdinand Prantl Copyright 2020 OpenJS Foundation and contributors. Licensed under MIT.


    npm i @prantlf/baretest

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