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    Uniplexer is a Multiplexer for 3rd party service providers and application protocols.

    This project is a work-in-progress.


    Multiplexers are instruments or tools that allow you to toggle or select from a list of multiple services and protocols including heavifying from one feature or another from service to service at the cost of providing a credential or set of credentials for those services you're using.

    3rd Party Services such as database, computer, and distributed ledger technology services are numerous in availability in the community and yet having a multiplexer provide a single interface to all those services helps to reduce the complexity of accessing the services you need when you need them.

    Application Protocols are diverse and require various needs depending on the application. A common protocol interface for any set of specific protocols is tremendously useful to make transitioning to new protocols easy and fast for development time experience measures.


    • 🌈 Programmatically Select Program Architecture: The application can select the operations to perform by an application protocol or provider by calling the program indirectly through a multiplexer function that selects the operation based on the list of credential ids provided by the application program. Instead of hardcoding a specific service provider like a particular database engine you are free to change database providers by selecting another credential id from your list of initialized credential ids.


    • 🌿 Multiple Provider Types: Multiplex between multiple provider types such as database, asymmetric cryptography, network protocols, computer services, distributed ledger technology, file system, hash function and text search (work-in-progress)


    • 🍼 Experimental: Lots of love and care from grandma and newborn scientists means this project is a work-in-progress. Grandmas need more time to understand the next best boxing moves to make and babies just like to play around to see how things could work even better, not sure what it means to step.

    Table of Contents

    Additional Notes

    Development Journal

    Keep track of how this project is working as we roll out more features in our development journal.

    Browser Compatibility

    Uniplexer supports all browsers that are ES5-compliant (IE8 and below are not supported).

    Installation Guide

    Install the library using Node Package Manager (NPM)

    If you're just getting started with Node.js and NPM, read this introduction or install both programs by visiting

    npm install @practicaloptimism/uniplexer --save
    Import the library using a JavaScript-based Programming Language

    If you're just getting started programming in a language like JavaScript, you may learn how to setup an import statement in your local programming environment by visiting these resources: (1) JavaScript Import Export Tutorial with Examples, (2) import - javascript | mozilla

    import * as uniplexer from '@practicaloptimism/uniplexer'
    Or import the library using an HTML script tag
    <script src=""></script>

    Application Programmable Interface (API) Reference

    Table of Contents:

    Analytics API Reference
    Asymmetric Cryptography API Reference
    Chat Messaging API Reference
    Computer Service API Reference
    Database API Reference

    This API Reference demonstrates a way to request and retrieve information from a database.

    Distributed Ledger Technology API Reference
    File System API Reference
    Hash Function API Reference
    Network Protocol API Reference
    Provider Credential API Reference
    Text Search API Reference

    3rd Party Service Providers and Application Protocols

    Table of Contents:

    Asymmetric Cryptography Providers
    Chat Messaging Providers
    Computer Service Providers
    Database Providers
    Distributed Ledger Technology Providers
    File System Providers
    Hash Function Providers
    Network Protocol Providers
    Provider Credential Providers
    Text Search Providers


    Everyone is free to welcome new members to contribute. Trust in yourself to know what to do and don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Read more about our contribution guide.


    Your pancake recipe matters. So please share how to improve ours by visiting our documentation page and sharing your latest findings on what makes pancakes tastey.


    Thank you to everyone who contributes to the open ecosystem of software development. Your work is very important and a multiplexer cannot exist without the options ordered by the people and projects that enable you and I to select between those options.

    Related Work

    A list of some known (*)All-Purpose Multiplexers include: Uniplexer

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    (*) The All-Purpose Multiplexer that Uniplexer seeks to be is "all-purpose" with respect to being general enough to be a useful software package for daily chores that people need being done in their application projects.




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