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Custom element wrapper for google's Shaka Player




Property Attribute Modifiers Type Default Description
allowCrossSiteCredentials allow-cross-site-credentials boolean Whether shaka player should use cookies for CORS requests.
autoplay autoplay boolean false Whether the video should auto-play.
canPlay readonly boolean Whether the video can play.
controls controls boolean Whether to display controls over the video.
currentTime currentTime number Video's current time
dashManifest dash-manifest string URL to the MPEG-DASH manifest
duration readonly number The duration of the video in seconds.
ended readonly boolean Whether or not the video playback has ended.
hlsManifest hls-manifest string URL to the HLS manifest
loading loading boolean false Whether the video is loading
muted muted boolean false Whether the video is muted.
paused readonly boolean Whether the video is paused.
playing playing boolean Whether the video is playing.
poster poster string The src URL for the poster frame.
preload preload 'none'|'metadata'|'auto'|'' "metadata" Video element preload value.
readyState readonly number Ready state of the video element.
src src string URL to a video file
volume number 1 The volume level of the video.


Method Type Description
load (manifestUri: string, startTime?: number | undefined, manifestMimeType?: string | undefined): Promise Load a Manifest.

startTime: Optional start time, in seconds, to begin playback. Defaults to 0 for VOD and to the live edge for live. Set a positive number to start with a certain offset the beginning. Set a negative number to start with a certain offset from the end. This is intended for use with live streams, to start at a fixed offset from the live edge.
manifestMimeType: Optional mimetype registered using shaka.media.ManifestParser.register(mimeType, ParserClass)
loadManifest (manifestUri: string): Promise Load a manifest URL into shaka player.
loadVideo (url: string): string Load a regular video URL.
notify (property: any): void
pause (): any Pauses the player.
play (): Promise Plays the player.
unload (reinitializeMediaSource?: boolean | undefined): Promise<void> Unload the current manifest and make the Player available for re-use.

reinitializeMediaSource: If true, start reinitializing MediaSource right away. This can improve load() latency for MediaSource-based playbacks. Defaults to true.


Event Description
error fired when shaka player errors
init-shaka-player fired when shaka player is initialized
manifest-loaded fired when shaka player loads the manifest file

CSS Custom Properties

Property Description
--shaka-player-background-color The background color of the video element. Default: black
--shaka-player-object-fit object-fit property of the video element. Default: initial
--shaka-player-video-height height property of the video element. Default: auto
--shaka-player-video-width width property of the video element. Default: 100%




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