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DBiler is a http client to DBil.


npm install @popovmp/dbiler


const {getDbiler} = require('@popovmp/dbiler')

const url    = 'http://example.com/api/dbil'
const secret = 'foo-bar'

const userDb = getDbiler(url, secret, 'user')

const query      = {email: 'john@example.com'}
const projection = {name: 1, email: 1, _id: 0}

userDb.findOne(query, projection, (user) => {
	if (user) // Object or undefined
		console.log(`User name: ${user.name}, email: ${user.email}`)
		console.log('Cannot find such a user!')


DBiler connects to a DBil client by url, secret, and DB name.

const dbiler = getDbiler(url, secret, dbName)

The dbiler object provides the same method as DBil plus a callback. The callback accepts a parameter corresponding to the DBil native return value.

For example DBil's count returns count of object, but DBiler's count accepts a callback, which accepts a parameter count.

// DBil
const dbil  = dbil.getDb(user)
const count = dbil.count({foo: 42})

// DBiler
const dbiler = dbiler.getDbiler(url, secret, user)
dbiler.count({foo: 42}, (count) => {

Inserting documents

A document is of type Object.

const doc     = {...}
const options = {skipSave: false}
dbiler.insert(doc, options, (id) => {
	console.log(typeof id) // string or undefined

Finding documents

Use find or findOne to look for one or multiple documents matching you query.

  • find returns an array of documents. If no matches, it returns an empty array.
  • findOne returns the first found document or undefined.
dbiler.find(query, projection, (docs) => {
	console.log( Array.isArray(docs) ) // => true

dbiler.findOne(query, projection, (doc) => {
	console.log(typeof doc) // => Object or undefined

Counting documents

You can use count to count documents. It accepts the same query as find.

dbiler.count(query, (count) => {
	console.log(typeof count) // => number

Updating documents

update returns the id of the inserted doc or undefined:

dbiler.update(query, update, options, (id) => {
	console.log(typeof id) // => string or undefined

Removing documents

dbiler.remove(query, options, (numRemoved) => {
	console.log(typeof numRemoved) // => number

Saving DB

Yuo can force the DB save with the save method. It is useful only if the previous insert, update, or remove were sent with option {skipSave: true}

dbiler.save((isSaved) => {
	console.log(typeof isSaved) // => boolean

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