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    💻   PoolTogether Client Library || PoolTogether V4

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    🏆   Overview

    This library includes a simplified interface for interacting with a v4 PoolTogether deployment. Create an instance of PrizePoolNetwork and use the initialized PrizePool and PrizeDistributor to begin reading and writing data to the protocol.

    There are several classes that provide interfaces to the different aspects of the V4 PoolTogether protocol. PrizePoolNetwork is the main entry point.

    💾   Installation

    This project is available as an NPM package:

    npm install @pooltogether/v4-client-js


    yarn add @pooltogether/v4-client-js

    The repo can be cloned from Github for contributions.

    git clone https://github.com/pooltogether/v4-client-js.git

    🏎️   Quickstart


    A PrizePoolNetwork is a collection of PrizePool and PrizeDistributor across several chains that make up a v4 deployment.

    To create an instance of PrizePoolNetwork you will need:

    • A Contract List containing all of the relevant contracts for a v4 prize pool. You can obtain this by generating your own after deploying a v4 Prize Pool (start here). Or by importing a copy of our current deployments v4-pool-data.
    • Ethers providers for every chain that a Prize Pool is deployed on.
    import { PrizePoolNetwork } from '@pooltogether/v4-client-js'
    import { mainnet } from '@pooltogether/v4-pool-data'
    const PrizePoolNetwork = new PrizePoolNetwork(providers, mainnet)


    A PrizePool is a representation of a Prize Pool deployment. The Prize Pool is responsible for managing deposits, withdrawals & delegation. PrizePool is a read only object, for write capabilities check out User

    const prizePool = PrizePoolNetwork.getPrizePool(1, '0xabc123')


    A User is wrapper around PrizePool with the ability to send transactions to manage deposits, withdrawals and delegation.

    const user = new User(prizePool.prizePoolMetadata, signer, prizePool)


    A PrizeDistributor is what handles prizes. It is used to determine the current draw, check for prizes & claiming prizes. For write capabilities, pass a Signer when creating an instance.

    const prizeDistributor = PrizePoolNetwork.getPrizeDistributor(1, '0xabc123')
    const prizeDistributor = PrizePoolNetwork.getPrizeDistributor(1, '0xabc123')
    const signer = provider.getSigner()
    const signerPrizeDistributor = new PrizeDistributor(

    🧮   Examples

    Get token data for a Prize Pool

    const tokenData = await prizePool.getTokenData() // Underlying token (ex. USDC)
    const ticketData = await prizePool.getTicketData() // Ticket token

    Get a users deposit token & ticket balances

    const usersBalances: {
      chainId: number,
      address: string,
      balances: PrizePoolTokenBalances
    }[] = await PrizePoolNetwork.getUsersPrizePoolBalances(usersAddress)

    Get a users deposit token & ticket balance

    const balance: PrizePoolTokenBalances = await prizePool.getUsersPrizePoolBalances(usersAddress)

    Approve deposits

    NOTE: Make sure you're shifting by the proper decimal amount

    const txResponse: TransactionResponse = await user.approveDeposits(
      ethers.utils.parseUnits(10, decimals)

    Deposit and delegate tokens

    NOTE: Make sure you're shifting by the proper decimal amount

    const txResponse: TransactionResponse = await user.depositAndDelegate(
      ethers.utils.parseUnits(10, decimals)

    Deposit tokens

    NOTE: Make sure you're shifting by the proper decimal amount

    const txResponse: TransactionResponse = await user.deposit(ethers.utils.parseUnits(10, decimals))

    Withdraw tokens

    NOTE: Make sure you're shifting by the proper decimal amount

    const txResponse: TransactionResponse = await user.withdraw(ethers.utils.parseUnits(10, decimals))

    Get valid draw ids

    Valid draw ids are draw ids that have all of the relevant data pushed to their respective chain & are not expired.

    const drawIds = await prizeDistributor.getValidDrawIds()

    Get a users prizes

    const drawResults = await PrizeApi.getUsersDrawResultsByDraw(

    Claim a users prizes

    NOTE: Ensure the PrizeDistributor was initialized with a Signer

    const txResponse: TransactionResponse = await prizeDistributor.claimPrizesByDraw(1)

    💻   Developer Experience


    Create an Issue to request new features.

    Open Pull Request adhering to Contribution guidelines.

    The package is setup using the TSDX zero-config CLI which includes:

    • Typescript
    • Rollup
    • Jest
    • Prettier
    • ESLint

    Minor changes have been made to extend the default configuration.


    The TSDX linting configuration is overwritten to include override(s)* for:

    • Import/Order (used to enforce consistent module import ordering)
    *The ESLint overrides may incorrectly be interpreted by VSCode since the nested config file is ignored in the IDE

    Porting docs to PoolTogether V4 Docs

    1. yarn docs
    2. Copy & paste
    • classes to Classes
    • interfaces to Interfaces
    • README.md below header to index.md
    1. Replace all .md with `` (nothing) in links
    2. Replace all README links to ./ and ../README to ../




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