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    Polymath.js is the main library for interacting with Polymath's smart contracts. It is written in javascript using flow, babel and eslint. The documentation is automatically generated using documentationjs. Checkout the docs

    Read the whitepaper

    Testing locally

    Clone the repo, then run

    • yarn install
    • yarn testrpc (keep this terminal running)

    In a new terminal

    • yarn compile
    • yarn migrate-testrpc
    • yarn start (babel compiling) (keep this terminal running)

    In a new terminal

    • yarn test to test all files
    • yarn mocha lib/test/{FILENAME.js} to test a single file

    Note: If make changes to source files being compiled by babel, run yarn clean to remove the old compiled babel files, and then run yarn start to get an updated version with the new code.

    Updating the contracts

    The following occurs:

    • Checks that polymath-core is on the master branch
    • Executes git pull on the polymath-core
    • Copies the polymath-core/contract directory into polymath-js directory
    • Removes the polymath-js/build directory

    In polymath-js

    • yarn contracts

    Note: Ensure you have the following file structure

    - polymath (root dir name doesn't matter)
    |-- polymath-js
    |-- polymath-core

    Serving and building documentation

    To serve the docs locally, run:

    • yarn install
    • yarn start to run babel to compile the source code and have it watching for updates (leave this terminal open)
    • yarn serve-poly-docs

    To build the docs run yarn build-poly-docs. Make sure when you make edits, you rebuild the docs so they are added in!


    We're always looking for developers to join the polymath network. To do so we encourage developers to contribute by creating Security Token Offering contracts (STO) which can be used by issuers to raise funds. If your contract is used, you can earn POLY fees directly through the contract, and additional bonuses through the Polymath reserve fund.

    If you would like to apply directly to our STO contract development team, please send your resume and/or portfolio to


    The polymath-core repo follows the style guide overviewed here:



    npm i @polymathnetwork/polymath

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