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TinyMCE Word Paste Filter (standalone)

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This project provides a standalone version of the filter function used by TinyMCE to clean up pasted MS Word content.


TinyMCE has one of the best implementations of Word cleanup around; they have tackled pernicious problems like restoring list items to actual lists when these arrive as <p> tags with a lot of odd styles and bullet characters. However, TinyMCE is no tiny library, and does not export that capability by itself.

This repo will remain an up-to-date fork of TinyMCE that builds only the Word Filter function (and its internal dependencies) into a standalone library much smaller (contributes ~50k if you minify your build) than the full TinyMCE (contribrutes at minimum >300k to your project -- with the internal Word clean function not exposed), published on npm as tinymce-word-paste-filter for easy incorporation into other projects.


import wordFilter from 'tinymce-word-paste-filter';

// if you have incoming pasted Word data in your program...
const awfulWordHTML = '...'; // content here

// clean it up in one step
const cleaned = wordFilter(awfulWordHTML);

You can also pass a second options object parameter to wordFilter. The following properties can be set on the options object:

  • allowedCssProperties: A string[] of CSS properties to not be removed when filtering

Please note that this is intended to be bundled into browser applications; if running in a node environment for some reason, you'll need to have browser / dom globals (document, navigator, etc) available.

See the brief test under ./standalone/test/ and its fixtures.


The easiest way to use tinymce-word-paste-filter is to install it from npm and include it in your own React build process (using Browserify, Webpack, etc).

npm install tinymce-word-paste-filter --save

Building from source, testing

npm install
npm run build
npm run test




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