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This module is used by PM2 to communicate with PM2.io's servers.


Two transporters are available now, AxonTransporter and WebsocketTransporter.

AxonTransporter is using axon pub-emitter to send data (PushInteractor) to interaction server and nssocket to receive data from reverse interaction server.

WebsocketTransporter is using websocket to send and receive data from websocket server.


Using daemon

To launch using daemon you need to run :

node src/InteractorDaemon.js

Before, you need to set these environment vars

Key Value
KEYMETRICS_NODE Where bucket's endpoints will be resolved
PM2_SECRET_KEY Bucket's secret key
PM2_PUBLIC_KEY Bucket's public key
PM2_MACHINE_NAME Machine name

Using client

You can use src/InteractorClient.js and method launchAndInteract with constants as first argument (empty object is authorized), options as second argument which is an object with key secret_key, public_key, machine_name and callback as third argument.

const InteractorClient = require('keymetrics-agent/src/InteractorClient')

InteractorClient.launchAndInteract({}, {
  secret_key: '',
  public_key: '',
  machine_name: ''
}, (err, msg) => {


To configure this agent you can use config.json.


By default AxonTransporter is enabled and using push and reverse bucket's endpoint. You can override this endpoints with AGENT_PUSH_ENDPOINT and AGENT_REVERSE_ENDPOINT environements' vars

By default WebsocketTransporter is disabled, you can enabled it with AGENT_TRANSPORT_WEBSOCKET environement's var, it's using websocket bucket's endpoint but you can override it with AGENT_WEBSOCKET_ENDPOINT environement's var.


Into this configuration you can put transporter name as key and for values, two keys are available enabled and endpoints.

The enabled key is using to disable or enable transporter.

The endpoints key can be a string or an object. It depends on what the connect method of the transporter needs. If you set a string, the connect method will be called with endpoint's value or raw value if no endpoint is matched. For objects, the connect method will be called with this object, and value of the keys will be replaced by endpoint's value or raw value if no endpoint is matched.


To release a new version, first install gren :

yarn global add github-release-notes

Push a commit in github with the new version you want to release :

git commit -am "version: major|minor|patch bump to X.X.X"

Care for the versionning, we use the semver versioning currently. Please be careful about the version when pushing a new package.

Then tag a version with git :

git tag -s vX.X.X

Push the tag into github (this will trigger the publish to npm) :

git push origin vX.X.X

To finish update the changelog of the release on github with gren (be sure that gren has selected the right tags):

gren release -o -D commits -u keymetrics -r pm2-io-agent

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