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    Documentation can be found at the wiki.

    Datasource: Email

    This utility will help connect to an Email server (ex: SMTP server, GMAIL, Outlook 365, etc) to send our emails. It uses the datsources system, where every instance of the client will target an specific email server.

    Internally it uses nodemailer to connect to any email server, but it also adds some helper functions to connect to a Google API Gmail account, which can be very helpful if you are using a gmail account to send your emails, or a GSuite account, where you can configure SPF, DKIM or DMARC records to secure your emails and evade SPAM filters.


    Inside our configuration file, for example {PROJECT_ROOT}/configuration/configuration.json, we will have to add a new entry for each email server we want to connect, like in this example:

        "connections": {
            "myemail": { // Connection id
                "type": "email", // Datasource type
                "host": "smtp.email.com", // SMTP Host
                "port": 587, // SMTP port
                "secure": false, // true for 465, false for other ports
                "auth": {
                    "user": "user", // User/email
                    "pass": "password",
                "defaultFrom": { // Email address that will be used to send the emails
                    "name": "Company name",
                    "address": "info@company.com"

    For more information about configuration you can go to: https://nodemailer.com/smtp/


    Once the connection is defined in the configuration we are ready to create a service decorated with @Service({ connection: 'myemail' }) that will be able to send emails through the configured server.

    Basic example:

    import { MailOptions, EmailAddress } from '@plugcore/ds-email';
    // Service that will use the connection we defined before
    @Service({ connection: 'myemail' })
    export class EmailService { 
            // Connection to "myemail"
            private emailDataSource: EmailDataSource
        ) {}
        // Basic example
        public async sendEmail() {
            await this.emailDataSource.sendEmail(<MailOptions>{
                from: 'info@company.com', // This field optional and it's recommended to leave it empty so the system will use the 
                                          // "defaultFrom" property from the configuration file
                to: <EmailAddress>{ name:'Customer Al', address: 'al@other.com' },
                cc: [
                    { name:'Admin', address: 'admin@company.com' }
                subject: 'New receipt',
                html: `
                        <img src="cid:embeddedlogo" title="Company logo">
                    <h2>Hi this is a title</h2>
                    <p>This is text</p>
                attachments: [
                        filename: 'logo.png',
                        path: '/path/to/logo.png',
                        cid: 'embeddedlogo'
                        filename: 'receipt.pdf',
                        content: createReadStream('/path/to/local/file.pdf')

    You can learn more about MailOptions at https://nodemailer.com/message/ and form file attch options at https://nodemailer.com/message/attachments/

    Google API

    In order to send emails safely using Google Suite accounts, we have created a special configuration. You can learn how to create your Oauth 2.0 certificate here: https://developers.google.com/gmail/api/auth/web-server, after this you will have to configure the datasource like in this example:

        "connections": {
            "myemail": { // Connection id
                "type": "email", // Datasource type
                "defaultFrom": {
                    "name": "Company name",
                    "address": "info@company.com"
                "gSuiteApi": {
                        "clientEmail": "example@supple-hangout-999999.iam.gserviceaccount.com",
                        "privateKey": "-----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY-----\nabc123...ab123==\n-----END PRIVATE KEY-----\n", // Important to scape the new lines with "\n"
                        "userId": "info@company.com" // Same value as from address

    With this you will be able to send emails through the Gmail API instead of an SMTP server.




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