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    Plopix - JS Console

    This package is a wrapper of console.log that enables outputs depending a Verbosity level that:

    • you can set in the source code
    • you can override via LocalStorage using the key: plopix.console.verbosity


    Vanilla JS Usage

    Inject the library in your code:

    <script src=""></script>

    You have now access to PlopixConsole globally.



    Just use it!

    Have a look in the example.

    In addition to the method provided by the LoggerInterface you also have

        groupStart(title: string): void;
        groupEnd(): void;
        dir(data: any): void;
        table(data: any): void;
        clear(): void;
        memory(): void;
        trace(): void;

    They won't display anything if the Browser does not support it.

    On Load Console Logging

    If you want to log things on the page load, you can use a specific HTML tag.

    <span style="display: none" data-plopix-console data-verbosity="200" data-context="[1,2,3,4]">Oh yeah %d %d</span>

    Have a look in the example.

    Many Levels

    export enum Level {
        EMERGENCY = 600,
        ALERT = 550,
        CRITICAL = 500,
        ERROR = 400,
        WARNING = 300,
        NOTICE = 250,
        INFO = 200,
        DEBUG = 100,
        SUCCESS = 0

    Can be used with Level.* in TypeScript

    Many Method

    export interface LoggerInterface {
        // Logs with an arbitrary level.
        log(level: Level, message: string, context?: any): void;
        // System is unusable.
        emergency(message: string, context?: any): void;
        // Action must be taken immediately.
        alert(message: string, context?: any): void;
        // Critical conditions.
        critical(message: string, context?: any): void;
        // Runtime errors that do not require immediate action but should typically be logged and monitored.
        error(message: string, context?: any): void;
        //  Exceptional occurrences that are not errors.
        warning(message: string, context?: any): void;
        // Normal but significant events.
        notice(message: string, context?: any): void;
        // Interesting events.
        info(message: string, context?: any): void;
        //  Detailed debug information.
        debug(message: string, context?: any): void;
        //  When all is good
        success(message: string, context?: any): void;


    Project under the MIT License (MIT)


    npm i @plopix/js-console

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