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    Hardhat plugin for integration with StarkNet.js.


    This plugin brings to Hardhat the StarkNet library StarkNet.js, which allows you to interact with StarkNet via javascript in a simple way.

    NOTE: This plugin doesn't compile your StarkNet contracts or manage artifacts, it's intended to be used in conjunction with another plugin such as hardhat-starknet-compile.


    npm install --save-dev @playmint/hardhat-starknetjs starknet

    And add the following to your hardhat.config.ts:

    import "@playmint/hardhat-starknetjs";

    Or if you're using Javascript, add this to hardhat.config.js:


    Config extensions

    This plugin adds a field starknetArtifacts to ProjectPathsConfig which contains the path to where the plugin should look for artifacts (compiled StarkNet contracts). This defaults to artifacts-starknet.

    It also adds a starknetjs object to HardhatConfig which contains networks, a mapping of network name to network config (as defined by the constructor of StarkNet.js's Provider object). The default networks populated are goerli-alpha and mainnet-alpha, you can add any additional ones you need or change the default networks as you see fit.

    const config: HardhatUserConfig = {
        paths: {
            starknetArtifacts: "artifacts-starknet"
        starknetjs: {
            networks: {
                "goerli-alpha": { network: "goerli-alpha" },
                "mainnet-alpha": { network: "mainnet-alpha" },
                "devnet": { baseUrl: "http://localhost:5000" }

    Selecting a network

    You can select the network you want by either:

    • setting the environment variable STARKNETJS_NETWORK, or
    • using the --starknetjs-network argument when running a script or test, e.g. npx hardhat run scripts/deploy.ts --starknetjs-network devnet

    Environment extensions

    This plugin adds an object called starknetjs to the Hardhat Runtime Environment.


    A networkId field is added to starknetjs which is a string, and contains the key of the selected network from hre.config.starknetjs.networks.

    Provider object

    A provider field is added to starknetjs, which is a StarkNet.js Provider automatically connected to the selected network.


    function getContractFactory(
        contractName: string,
        providerOrAccount?: Provider | Account | undefined,
        abi?: Abi | undefined): Promise<ContractFactory>;
    function getContractFactoryFromArtifact(
        artifact: CompiledContract,
        providerOrAccount?: Provider | Account | undefined,
        abi?: Abi | undefined): ContractFactory;
    function getContractAt(
        contractName: string,
        address: string,
        providerOrAccount?: Provider | Account | undefined,
        abi?: Abi | undefined): Promise<Contract>;
    function getContractAtFromArtifact(
        artifact: CompiledContract,
        address: string,
        providerOrAccount?: Provider | Account | undefined,
        abi?: Abi | undefined): Contract;
    function getAccount(
        address: string,
        keyPairOrSigner: KeyPair | SignerInterface,
        provider?: Provider): Account;
    function readArtifact(searchPath: string): Promise<CompiledContract>;


    Example deploy.ts:

    import hre from "hardhat";
    async function main() {
        // these paths will all resolve to the same artifact
        let factory = await hre.starknetjs.getContractFactory("test");
        factory = await hre.starknetjs.getContractFactory("artifacts-starknet/test");
        factory = await hre.starknetjs.getContractFactory("test.cairo");
        factory = await hre.starknetjs.getContractFactory("test.cairo/test.json");
        const instance = await factory.deploy();
        await instance.invoke_some_func(42);
        console.log(await instance.get_some_value());
    main().catch(err => console.error(err));


    npm i @playmint/hardhat-starknetjs

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