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This is a module that, given a GeoJSON feature and a description of a set of dimensions will return an integer value representing a bitfield describing where the feature resides in the defined K-dimensional space.


npm install @planet/tessellator
const format =  {
  maxZoom: 13,  //Max zoom at which tiles will be built.
  dimensions: [ // Dimensions by which data can be filtered
      name: 'acquired',
      path: 'acquired', //Field in the feature's `properties` object
      descr: 'Acquisition date',
      type: 'date', // Type of key
      range: ['2013/01/01', null], // Range of values
      granularity: 86400000 * 7, // Granularity of values
      primary: true //Primary dimension (one only) can be queried upon
      name: 'Item Type',
      path: 'item_type',
      descr: 'Item Type',
      type: 'list',
      values: ['REScene', 'PSScene3Band', 'PSScene4Band']
      name: 'Cloud Cover',
      path: 'cloud_cover',
      descr: 'Calculated Cloud Cover',
      type: 'numericRange',
      range: [0, 1],
      granularity: 0.25
const tessellate = require('@planet/tessellator')(format);
let featureKey = tessellate(feature);