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The core concept behind Palettes is to provide a mechanism for saving references to specific images.

The Problem

TL;DR: There's no way to save a reference to a specific image or set of images in Planet Explorer.

Planet Explorer allows its users to save references to searches, like "San Francisco". A search returns a list of image results. When a user orders an image, they can download it. However, there's no way for that user to then view that image in Planet Explorer again. They would have to re-run their search, and find the image in the results.

The Planet Explorer workflow therefore, seems like a one-way street that runs you off of a cliff. We lead you towards finding an image and then downloading it, but if you want to recall that specific image and use it anywhere else in our app ecosystem (like, compare it with another image, or run analysis on it), you're out of luck. The assumption seems to be that a user doesn't need to recall an image again, because they ostensibly have their own tools they'll use once they've found the data they're interested in.

An Idea

TL;DR: We should allow users to save a list of images, to empower other tools and applications.

The idea around Palettes is that once we enable users to save references to specific imagery, we open up the door to operating on those images.

A palette could be used:

  • to add annotations to a specific image from a dedicated annotations app
  • as the source for a timelapse
  • to recall and share specific images in Planet Explorer
  • to run analysis or band math calculations online

So what is is, exactly

Palettes is 2 things:

  1. A management application, similar to bookmarks in a browser, that allows a user to manage their palettes. Basic CRUD.
  2. A set of components, actions, and reducers to be used from other apps to provide a consistent interface for adding to, and viewing palettes




npm i @planet/palettes

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