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When an author releases an Open Source package there are many different levels of support they may intend to provide. The Node.js Package Maintenance Working Group is working to propose a spec to help package authors declare their intended support goals. This package provides some tooling around working with the format proposed.

This repository is managed by the Package Maintenance Working Group, see Governance.

Command line usage

A command line tool is provided which supports the following commands:

  • show - show the support info for the package tree.
  • validate - validate support info for a package, to be used by a maintainer before publishing.
  • create - setup a support declaration for a package.

These commands support the following options:

  • --canonical - prefer canonical data over package support data that may be available locally. Default is false.
  • --fetch - if local support data is not available or --canonical is specified, fetch the support data from the remote canonical location when needed. Default is false
  • --base-path - directory root within which the tool can read/validate package support files. The default is the directory from which the package.json for the top level package was read.

More details and explanation of the use cases for these commands is provided in command line usage.

The simplest way to run the tool is to simply run:

npx @pkgjs/support show
npx @pkgjs/support validate
npx @pkgjs/support create

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