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    A Project Status Board

    A WIP attempt to centralize all the work being done in a community of GitHub projects. When you have work spread across multiple repos and multiple orginizations, it is often hard to track things. This is what @pkgjs/statusboard aims to solve.



    • Cli logger
    • Pull commit activity
    • Clean up template
    • create command to setup a new project
    • GH actions for building/publishing (see express)
    • Contribution graph like on github
    • Meetings page (pull tag "meeting")
    • Orginizations (pull all repos from an org)
    • Typescript support (load typings or if authored in TS)
    • People/Teams (specify and display teams, for example the express TC)
    • GH CI status
    • Pinned projects


    WARNING: work in process, the following doesn't work yet, but soon!

    The easiest way to create a status board for your project is using Github Pages. To get started, create a new repo for your project and clone it to your development machine. In the new directory run the following:

    # Creates a statusboard project
    # @TODO make this command actually work as it does not right now
    $ npx @pkgjs/statusboard create
    # Setup your config in `index.js
    # Then commit your work
    $ git commit -am "statusboard setup"
    # Create an orphan branch for our builds
    $ git checkout --orphan gh-pages
    # Remove the files we dont need here
    $ git rm -rf .
    # Create a .nojekyll file, this turns off pesky github pages stuff
    $ touch .nojekyll
    $ git commit --am "github pages initial commit"
    # Now we setup the branch as a working tree on the master branch
    $ git checkout master
    $ mkdir build
    $ git worktree add build gh-pages
    # Now we can run the index and build
    $ npm run build
    # Now we should have a site in ./build, we can
    # commit and push the branches now
    $ cd build && git add . && git commit -m "our new statuspage" && git push


    npm i @pkgjs/statusboard

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