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This package can be used directly as a Rollup configuration.

Installation 📦

npm install --dev @pixi-build-tools/rollup-configurator

Usage 📄

as a Rollup configuration

rollup -c node_modules/\@pixi-build-tools/rollup-configurator/index.js

in your custom configuration

import { main } from '@pixi-build-tools/rollup-configurator/main';


This package relies on your library's package.json manifest to configure the build process. By default, it will not include your package dependencies (and peer-dependencies) in the bundle; to prevent this, set standalone in your package.json.

The following table summarizes the fields you might need to fill:

Field Recommended Description
main Output path for CommonJS bundle
module Output path for ESM bundle
bundle Output path for UMD bundle. In production mode, will also produce a minified bundle with a .min.js extension
namespace Configure your package's global/namespace, i.e. how applications will access. For example, the namespace of pixi.js is PIXI
bundleInput Alternative entry point for UMD bundles (other than `src/index.(ts
bundleOutput Used to configure the Rollup output for UMD bundles
bundleNoExport Enable if your package does not export anything (for example, mixins)
standalone Bundle all your dependencies in the UMD output


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