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machine-gettext is a node module for adding machine translations to GNU gettext .po files. To translate content, it uses Google translate cloud service.

this is a fork of https://github.com/signavio/machine-gettext


Install machine-gettext by running npm install -g machine-gettext.


You can use machine-gettext via the command line or require it in a JavaScript file.

Command line

On the command line you can run machine-gettext with the following arguments:

  • -in, --input: Relative path to input file

  • -out, --output: Relative path to output file

  • -f, --fuzzy: If specified, mark added translation as fuzzy

  • -o, --overwrite: If specified, overwrite existing fuzzy translations

The following example writes all missing translations as non-fuzzy msgstrs into messages and overwrites fuzzy messages:

machine-gettext -i=messages.po -o=messages.po -m=non-fuzzy-overwrite


You can also require the module as translateGettext in a JavaScript file and execute translateGettext as a function with the following arguments:

  • input (string): Relative path to input file

  • markAsFuzzy (boolean): If true, mark added translation as fuzzy

  • overwrite (boolean): If true, overwrite existing fuzzy translations

  • callback (function): Executed after all messages have been processed. Takes a gettext-parser.po file object as its argument.

  • output (string, optional): Relative path to output file

The following example loads the content of ./messages.po, adds missing translations and logs the new content:

const translateGettext = require('translateGettext')

poFile = parser.po.parse(fileSystem.readFileSync('./messages.po'))
translateGettext(poFile, true, false, processedPoFile => {

Note: The example code marks the new translations as fuzzy and doesn't overwrite existing fuzzy translations.


Contributions are welcome. Make sure you run the tests with npm run test before creating a pull request and add test cases that cover the contributed code.

Possible improvement are, for example:

  • explicitely set the target language (currently determined via the .po file header),

  • allow integration with alternative translation services,

  • better support for interpolation and pluralization,

  • support list of terms that shouldn't be translated (for example: product names),

  • translation memory support.



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